Aquarium Toilet Tank Is A Great Way To Bring A New Touch For Bathroom

Nowadays, bathroom is not merely a space to cleanup. Homeowners, lately, gives a huge concern toward how to increase the appearance of the bathroom without losing its main function as bathroom. Assuming that you are done with the bathtub, bathroom vanity, shower area together with another decor elements that create an ideal bathroom for you, then how about the toilet tank? For the latter, there is a great invention namely aquarium toilet tank. Simply like its name, the toilet tank is not only as the water source to flush the water, but it works also as aquarium. Curious? The aquarium toilet tank is known as Fish and Flush. This actually is smart addition for your bathroom to cater a totally different looks than it used to. And yes, the fish is the real thing. Not to mention, kiddos will love this kind of toilet tank.

What Is Aquarium Toilet Tank?
aquarium toilet tank

 You probably a little bit confuse in the first time you hear people talk to you about aquarium toilet tank. Despite this is not a very new toilet-related technology, the number of people who know about this stunning technology is very tiny. Toilet tank as aquarium, is that possible? Of course, it is. You even can have one if you want. Since, you get more than a toilet tank, you can consider this kind of toilet tank for your next bathroom remodel. Then, how the toilet tank works? What will happen with the fish when the water is flushed? Can you add some ornament to the tank? And there are many other questions you may have on your mind that yearn for answers. But first thing’s first, you need to know that when make a purchase of toilet tank with aquarium, the bowl is not included. Even so, you get the matching seat with you.

Obviously, you can consider a built in aquarium inside the bathroom, still if you expect simplicity with huge impact for the bathroom, aquarium toilet tank is a win. Moreover, if you have a petite bathroom, since the aquarium is integrated with the toilet tank, it won’t eat so much space. The aquarium can accommodate approximately 2.2 gallon of water. Once you buy the toilet tank aquarium, you don’t need anything else. Everything is already there like full filtration system to create proper environment for the fish. That is not the only thing, the aquarium tank is completed with water proof LED. This way you can appreciate the toilet tank aquarium even more, for better view.

Toilet Tank Aquarium For Bathroom

aquarium toilet tank

Aquarium toilet tank is creative addition for your bathroom. It makes your bathroom looks more attractive for the integrated aquarium. Say that you think about minor remodel of your bathroom, replacing the outdated toilet tank with this one, you get many benefits. First you can save money as you need only to replace the tank of your toilet with toilet tank aquarium. Even though, the price can be different depend on where you purchase the tank, normally you need to spend approximately $200 per tank with waterproof LED and full filter system complete with matching seat. Second, it cut down the time that you need for the remodel. Too, you can decrease the number of worker to do the remodel, say that you can’t afford to install it by your own.

Third, the aquarium toilet tank gives you literally an aquarium that will enhance the bathroom decor together with anything that is necessary to keep the fish inside the tank. You will have a great time in the bathroom with this typical toilet tank. Keep this in mind, the toilet tank aquarium is meant for freshwater aquarium which means you only can pet freshwater fish in there. Make the aquarium  looks even better, homeowners can add some ornament, however steer away from real water plants. Instead, you can determine colorful stones and artificial plants. The toilet tank is designed   with two separated parts. First part is meant for the flushing. So then, it won’t obstruct the fish when you flush the water. Second part, it is the aquarium part where you keep the fish. The toilet tank aquarium, in case that you worry about this before, is safe. Since, it is designed without ignoring the fish needs.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Toilet Tank Aquarium

 aquarium toilet tank

Before going somewhere to purchase aquarium toilet tank, understand the benefits and drawbacks will help you to decide whether this kind of toilet tank is for you or not. Starting from the advantages of toilet tank aquarium, this one has more function than just a toilet tank as you get a aquarium where you can pet small yet beautiful fish. Of course, it will enhance the appearance of  your bathroom. The toilet tank with aquarium is safe for the fish without losing its function as toilet tank for the reason that it is designed with two separate tanks, the flush tank and the aquarium.  The aquarium part has a complete package, including the filter system and LED light, therefore you can directly use the aquarium. The toilet tank aquarium is perfect for homeowners who have small space bathroom , yet, they want to cater something distinctive.

Even so, those with huge size bathroom should consider this one. In case that you want to build a bathroom for kiddos, aquarium toilet tank will make your kids love their bathroom even more. What do you think? But hold on, prior you decide, you need to know the drawbacks. Basically, it is not the drawback if you see it thoroughly. With the aquarium you literally pet fish, and petting calls for responsibility to take care the fish. You have to pay attention toward how you feed the fish, replace the water for the fish,  clean the aquarium, and make sure that each part of the aquarium works properly. That’s right, it creates another work for you. And you guess, that is why this kind toilet tank with aquarium, perhaps, is not for everyone.

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