Art In The Bedroom: How To Balance Wall Art Decors And Wall

Hanging a picture on the walls is just like spreading ice on the cakes. This is a kind of finishing touches. Sometimes, the wall requires arrangement as well as a type of wall decors to keep it balanced visually. By this, you have to consider the wall sizes, personal preference, and also existing furnishing before choosing art in the bedroom and others decor item to balance the wall.

Art in the bedroom decoration tips: considering the visual weight

Balances pertain to visual weights of the objects not the physical weights of the object. Some of the framed pictures as well as wall art in the bedroom appear pretty heavier than other items. It is primarily due to its colors, sizes, as well as mass of pictures. Green, blue, and red are heavy colors visually. It is opposed to white, pink, and yellow. The metal wall sculpture appears lighter than the framed print which is surrounded by thick black frames. The metal sculptures have open area while framed prints have compacted mass tightly.

Art in the bedroom decoration tips: The symmetrical themes on the walls

As you apply symmetrical decors on wall bedroom, it means it should same on both sides. For instance, hang the pictures in similar sizes subject matters and framing on either side of the chairs for creating symmetrical balances. You could provide symmetry on art in the bedroom decor with the groups of five, six, even more, same pictures by hanging half on the one side of chairs and a half on the others side. Place the arrangement of each picture on rectangle or square with around four up to six inches between those pictures on the single group.

Art in the bedroom decoration tips: going with asymmetrical

Asymmetry basically uses the different pieces of wall decors for creating balances through the equal visual weights. For instance, hang the larger framed prints on the walls above the left sides of your sofas. For the right sides, you can balance it out with art in the bedroom by placing the smaller pictures suspended over the wall shelves which are topped with decorative plants and vases. Although the wall decors are not identical, the visual weights are distributed for achieving the pleasing balances on the walls.

Art in the bedroom decoration tips: others decor ideas

Hanging the wall decors at the similar levels across the walls can be done to create the narrow walls appears fairly wider. You could flip this art in the bedroom techniques to help in balancing the walls with a low ceiling. By hanging the pieces of wall arts above one another, it could give the illusions of a higher ceiling and taller walls. Keep the wall decors on the proportions to the wall spaces. For this purpose, the picture should be typically around two-thirds the sizes of furniture pieces which those hang above.

To sum up, there are many ideas as it comes to the art pieces decor for the bedroom. But, you have to know the good principle of bedroom design in order to make it look balanced and eye-catching. All you have to do is to find art in the bedroom that suits your desire and overall bedroom decors.

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Description: art in the bedroom should be balanced to the overall bedroom decor. You can go with symmetrical, asymmetrical, or visual weight themes for wall decoration.