Building a Fence with Wood Pallets Helps You in Many Ways

Building a fence with wood or pallets  – Fence is a usual common feature in houses. It is usually made by wood, metal, concrete or wire, depends on the function of the pallets. Today article will feature about building a fence with wood pallets. This kind of fence has been built for several reasons. Some people build the fence to protect their plants from wild animals, another is to keep the livestock from the predators, or it is just for decoration. The different function of this wooden fence can also affect the size of the fence and the additional material for the fence. For instance, wooden fence for keeping the livestock usually has bigger size and it is supported by wire cable to keep out the predators. Another wooden fence can also be used as a place to put your pets. But, this one is pretty tricky because you need a fence which is a bit higher than usual. You do not want your dogs or rabbits escape from it, don’t you?

Things to prepare in building a fence with wood pallets:

building a fence with wood pallets

The first one is definitely the pallet to be the main material for the fence. After that, you need to prepare the carpentry tools such as saw, hammer, nails, marker pen or pencil, and tape measure. Additional material might be added if necessary. Chicken wire is usually the one to be added in building a fence because it can make the fence pretty much functional to protect things inside the fence. Anyway, those are the initial preparation before you start building a fence with wood pallets.

building a fence with wood pallets

For the pallets, you can buy the pallets from the local hardware stores or if you do not want to spend any money on it, you can try to see if you have some spares of wood or pallets. There are some ways for having free pallets that you can try. First, find it in Craiglist. It can be assured that there are always free pallets in there. Dock is also a place for getting many pallets. You can also try construction sites if there is one near for your house. Usually there are some unused pallets around it and all you can do is just ask if you can bring the pallets home. Now, after you have pallets, it is time for you to start making the fence.

Building a fence with wood pallets tutorial:

  1. You need to make a design for the fence. After that, you can have the right size about how big the fence that you want to build.
  2. Check your pallets and measure if the pallets have right sizes for the fence. If the pallets do not fit with your choice, you can make some arrangements to make those pallets fit. Surely, re-done the pallets is an extra work but, it is a merely task to have your dream fence.
  3. After you have right size, you can start to assemble the pallets together and make sure the pallets in the similar level. Use large nails to put those pallets together and you need to ensure that the pallets that have been assembled are sturdy.
  4. For the stakes, you can try to buy one because it needs to be in a well-made condition to make the fence stay on the ground. Or you can try to make it yourself by some larger pallets. Yet, again, you need to ascertain how to make perfect stakes over the pallets.
  5. Once you attribute the stakes into the pallets, then your fence is almost done. It is now the time to make a door for the wooden fence. Place hinges and latch on the pallet that you are meant as the door and everything is done.
  6. This is an additional step for the people who want to keep out wild animals away from the fence. You can try to use chicken wire and put it to the inside of the pallet. It will help to shut out the predator from the fence.

Now, after you are done building a fence with wood pallets, you can try to polish the fence to make it more attractive or you can leave it as it is to give rustic vibe. By polishing the fence, you can begin to paint the fence or you can search for new ideas for the fence on the internet. There are some people who utilize the top of the pallets as the places to grow some plants or herbs. This is an absolutely amazing idea that the fence can be used for having a mini garden. You can also try to furnish the fence with planting flowers and paint it a bit to make it more attractive. Other than that, you share your knowledge about building a fence with wood pallets. Many people do this and they get pretty much response from the other people who try to make a fence with wood pallets. You can get much knowledge from sharing it and that knowledge can be added in your upcoming project.

One thing, dare yourself to take the challenge. Building a fence with wood pallets is surprisingly easy and can help you to master some skill in carpentry. You can also make use the fence based on your initial purpose. Whether it is to protect your animals from predators, to keep out wild animals from your plants and vegetables, it is worthy thing to do because you can gain some benefits from it. Yet, one thing that to be noticed about a fence with wood pallets is the durability. While the fence appears to be quite solid, it is possible that the fence has a shorter time of durability, compared with another fence with solid wood composition. However, it should not be a great problem because you have no problem in making another one. You have the experience, knowledge (it might be possible if you can make it sturdier than the last time), and free materials around you. Well, it does not take much problem, doesn’t it?

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