Cute Bubble Blanket Quilt to Decorate Your Room

These days, many people are working to make their own stuff. Be it dress, boots, cute accessories, or your tableware, you can make your own goods yourself. One of them which catch people’s attention is Bubble Blanket Quilt. This is a quilt that can cover both the living room and bedroom. On the internet, there are many tutorials on the goods and many of them are pretty much made and have attractive appearances that furnish your house. Well, making your own eye-catching belongings is not always expensive; it can turn out to be a cheap and easy project because the components consist of used things or the things that are basically cheap. You can save much money for anything else and expand your own creativeness in projecting ideas. Another good thing is your properties will be one kind of their own because you are the one who made it. It is definitely rare type because there is no another shop selling the same item. It might be the center of attention if there are some of your friends or relatives come to your house. By the time of making own personal item, you are trained to make many other properties; and it is the perfect time to create your own Bubble Blanket Quilt.

Things to See for the Beginner

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This blanket has cute appearance and seems fluffy. It will be perfect to wrap you when you sleep or you can spend your leisure time, roaming around the blanket. It can also be a gift for your friends. You can match the pattern of the blanket to be suited to your friends’ preferences. That will make your friends surprise, for real. Now, for making your Bubble Blanket Quilt, you have to prepare for some materials. The common question about buying materials is “where can I buy those things?” and it is basically a rhetorical question for the expert of DIY do-ers because they must know all of the shops that sells all the things they need. It is possible that they also have some favorite shops which suited their taste. However, for the beginner, the question is quite problematic.

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The beginner does not know about all the shops and the internet, while it can help you to find some preferences, you can try to pinpoint the shops by the help of the people around you. Start with your family, relatives or friends, you can ask if some of them know about the good local shops which sell the material that you need. After you ask them about location, you can question their opinions about those shops. This can help you to select which shop that will find the best. It is even better if you ask them to accompany you to buy the things that you need, they can assist you to buy the materials. They possibly have some experiences in making things than you.

Preparing the Material

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For the material, Bubble Blanket Quilt basically needs many fabrics. In choosing the fabric, you need to decide what kind of blanket that you want to have. The color, the pattern, even the texture is important to be noticed. Remember to choose your own favorable material, so you can have all the comfort you need from the blanket. You can pick the preferences from your friends’ opinion or on the internet, but you are the one who will enjoy the blanket so, it is all your decision (except you want to give the blanket as a present). Now, after you have all fabrics, do not forget to find the puff to fill the bubble in the quilt. Puff is the important in making the blanket, so need to buy enough puff for stuffing. Another thing, it is important for you buy sewing tools and its complement materials because there will be a lot of sewing in this. Those three things are the fundamental in making the blankets. You can add some items to make your blanket prettier but, those three things are basically enough for making your own.

The Process of Making

Now, are you ready to create Bubble Blanket Quilt? Yes, you are! Because this is the tutorial:

  1. You need to prepare two squares for the blanket. The first blanket is the blanket for the bubble and the second blanket for the bottom layer which can cover the bottom of the bubble blanket. Remember, it is better if the first blanket is smaller than the second blanket, so that you can add some decorative feature in the second blanket.
  2. Then, it is the time for making the first blanket. This is the bubble blanket for quilt. By making the bubble blanket. First, you need to decide how many bubbles that you want to make in the blanket and then, after you have determined about the size of your bubble blanket, you can start to make the bubble. Cut two types of fabrics into square to make the bubble. These two fabrics are the fabrics for the top layer and the bottom layer of the bubble blanket. Then, to make the bubble in the blanket, you need to pin the top layer of the fabrics in each corner and put it together with the bottom layer. After that, you can sew the two layers. Make it repeatedly until you get the desired amount of bubble blanket.
  3. After you have the complete piece of the bubble for the blanket, you can put those bubbles together by sewing in one piece. Then after you have the entire piece of blanket, you can fill the bubble with the puff. Do it carefully by entering the puff through the bottom layer of the bubble blanket. You need to cut the bottom layer a bit and then, sew the cut after you have finished filling the puff.
  4. After the bubble blanket is completed, the next thing that you can do is to sew the completed bubble blanket with another blanket that have prepared to cover the bottom of the bubble blanket. But, before you make the cover blanket, you can do some things to make the bottom blanket as attractive as the bubble blanket. For instance, you can make the ruffle corner for the blanket. It will leave a distinctive feature for the cover blanket. Then, after you sew it together, voila! You have your own Bubble Blanket Quilt.

After seeing the tutorial, the process of making seems it easy. Yet, there are some tricky things that you will find in the process. It is better than for you to check some tutorials from YouTube or you can ask for the assistance from your friends or families. Cannot wait to have Bubble Blanket Quilt!

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