Dahlia and Black Dahlia Flower Meaning

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Flowers have always become the language of love, that’s why black dahlia flower meaning is the story for today. As one of the representations of love and compassion, flowers have their own meaning. Rose as the well known representation of love turns out to be covering further than love. For example the pink rose represents admiration and such a sweet dreamy love, while the bloody red rose implies to compassionate and commitment. Let’s not forget about white rose that represent sincerity and purity. If you talk about such a great friendship, nothing understands you better than yellow rose, while the orange brings the good wishes of long last marriage.

Dahlia Story and Black Dahlia Flower Meaning

Black Dahlia Flower Meaning

Now we are coming to the core topic which is Dahlia. Dahlia is a flower that shares the same family with daisy and chrysanthemum. Originally found in the mountainous area in Columbia, Mexico and Central America, Dahlia wins in over other flowers when it comes to Spring. As seasonal flower that hits the peak of the selling as demand, Dahlia needs to be breed since spring to get it ready for summer.

Not only as a flower to deliver your language, the high demand of Dahlia is related to the Victorian era when Dahlia was representing a good wish for couple and commitment. So it is not surprising to find Dahlia as the decoration flowers for many wedding in Summer. Then what is that about the black Dahlia and Black Dahlia flower meaning?

Black Dahlia Flower Meaning

Black Dahlia Flower Meaning

Actually the calling of black Dahlia is already wrong. There is such a thing like black Dahlia. What people think as black Dahlia is a burgundy Dahlia. The dark color and the overlapping petals make it looks like rather black than burgundy. But the main point is how Black Dahlia became as talk of a town. Originated as the calling of a murder case of a woman named Elizabeth Short in 1947, newspaper at that time tent to make a nickname a case of a mysteriously disappear woman that ended up being murdered, which happened to Ms. Short. She was suspected to be raped before killed. And that’s how black Dahlia flower meaning started to be famous. Black Dahlia represents mystery, thanks to the case of Ms. Elizabeth Short.

Black Dahlia Flower Meaning

But actually, what is the meaning or message carried by Dahlia? Dahlia has various types of colors and petals shades that make it always unique and special. Dahlia ranges from pink, red, blue (purple), yellow, orange, burgundy (as people take it black), and many more shades. Dahlia itself in general shows inner strength, elegance, conformity of creative ideas, changes, and dignity. Even many people always take Dahlia as the representation of diversity given its various types of colors. The beauty of Dahlia has made it the national flower of Mexico and actually given it the special name from Antonio Jose Cavanilles, the Director of Royal Gardens in Madrid that name it to honor his fellow botanist, Andrew Dahl.

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