Dahlia Flower Meaning and Story Behind

The month of lover is now here, so what is best to talk about than the beauty lies within the flower petals that would deliver the love message to your special one? Dahlia flower meaning is not an exception. Flower has proven its durability to be the symbol of love from generation to generation. No matter where you live and how your culture perceives love expression, the beauty of a flower would never fail to chase the wonder of a person. As flower undoubtedly becomes one of the symbols of love and admiration, we should also learn about the meaning of flowers. What it could say and what color means have a big place in the league. So sit tight as we will be unfolding the secret of beautiful tropical Dahlia.

Story behind Dahlia Flower Meaning

Dahlia flower meaning

Dahlia is known to be the beautiful flowers that share the same family as sun flowers, daisy, and chrysanthemum. It is originally comes from Columbia, Central America, and Mexico. Not surprisingly that this flowers is actually national flower of Mexico. Even though Dahlia is originated in the mountainous area in Central America, nowadays the hybrid of this flower has been known as a garden flower. Now we come to the dahlia flower meaning. By the name, Dahlia was given by a Director of Royal Gardens, Madrid, Antonio Jose Cavanilles to respect another botanist, Andrew Dahl. So Dahlia came from the last name of Andrew Dahl. Yet for some people in the northern hemisphere, such as in Sweden, Dahlia name is related to where it is wildly found. Dahl is Swedish language is similar to dal that means valley, so the assumption was that Dahlia was found in the valley. The valley flower.

Now what is the real meaning of the flower? What message has the flower given to you when it comes to Dahlia? Dahlia symbolizes the inner strength, elegance, change, creativity, and dignity. Some people also say that since Dahlia comes in various colors and shades, it represents diversity. It makes Dahlia as an utmost choice to represent admiration, compassion, courage, and even love itself. Some people use Dahlia to congratulate others for an achievement. Dahlia flower meaning surely has transform time by time, and it started in Victorian era.

In the Victorian era when words are rather less powerful to show the message, flowers became the language to show your message. Dahlia is not an exception. It showed admiration of commitment and couple sentiment. Normally Dahlia is being given as a gift in engagement or wedding as the good wish for the couple long last love. It appears as well in decoration and plate flowers. But a sad mark comes into Dahlia in 1947 after the murder of an American woman, Elizabeth Short. The newspapers that time tend to name the case by color and flowers to mark it as an interesting and mysterious case, possibly also scandalous. So then people start seeing burgundy, or known as black Dahlia flower meaning as mysterious and deep.


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