Different Types Of Sofa Sets And Crossing An Age Style

Since sofa has some types, they cannot just be called a sofa. They have different functions and purposes following a room dimension. In some cases, people just state a sofa to decorate their sectional walls. This is going to be a disaster because his/her sofa will not fit with the dimension. In term of this, here are different types of sofa sets. This will allow to manage the choice based on the requirement of a room lay out.


Just stated previously, it has mentioned about a sectional sofa. Basically, this configuration is an arrangement of three to five sofas. Sometimes, it also more than those numbers. They are gathered in one row even creating a curving line, sectional L and U are the well-known shape. To complete, this type of sofa set is completed with the table/ottomans, chaises, or recliners. This element is promoted by a modernism to minimize a space but maximize an open space in use.


Mid-century sofa

Till now, this thing is still raising star as people’s choice. However, there are some drawbacks after using this in certain time. Even though the frame and foundation are no doubt in power, the cover and foam is not as strong as they are. Next type of different sofa set is mid-century sofa. The appearance of this item is not as complicated as the previous. Overall, the frame has arm roll, back center rail, back rail, end rail, and stretchers.



Different types of sofa sets have their own unique motif on cover. This element is much lighter than others because it is made by a stainless for frame. However, the springs in foundation are almost empty. In fact, the comfortable effect is not as high as the spring sofa. It will be an enhancement to build up a modern theme. Some designers also have progressive improvements on technical cutting, scheme, and frames.



Other distinctive types of sofa sets are cabriole. The most significant distinctive shape is in curve. This back and legs are designed with outward and down curve. This makes the sofa is short but wider on the seat. Its first debut is in 18th century approximately, but nowadays it gets some adjustments. Similar to mid-century, it does not have adequate springs in foundation. This is only holds by some springs with its smoothness. Then, it is wrapped by foam and cover for a seat. The fabric is made from selected cotton and some of them are combined by nice polyester. On the surface, it is quite rough but it has a fur Mongolian style. Especially for a scheme, it often uses a bright color such as red or blue.



And, the frame is in gold or white. This sofa also gets famous after Tom Cruise had declared his love by jumping out of this item to Katie Holmes. Next different types of sofa sets are chaise. This term is just discovered recent years and its name drives form term “chaise lounge” or long chair. This item becomes a storage item for contemporary theme. Different from another sofa using a sliding length, it has front length.

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Descriptions: different types of sofa sets bring particular purposes and functions. They are suits based on interior house theme.