Getting to Know Chilean Mesquite Tree

In the family of trees, Chilean Mesquite Tree is known to be type of tree that provides shades. Mesquites gain a lot of popularity in Southern Arizona dues to its rapid growth and low water requirement. Per say, this tree is a tree that becomes popular because it grows easily and provide shades even in the drought. Originated from South America, Mesquite tree grows up to 30’ to 40’ tall with possible single or multi trunk. The physiology of the tree is twisted dark trunk with coarse textured bark. Could have some thorns up to 3’ long sometimes, this Chilean originated tree is known to be semi dormant, which means it blooms during Spring to Summer, giving the shade it promises to provide to you while in the Autumn it is shedding most of its foliages. Spring comes a bit cuter for the Mesquite because you will see it has some catlike flowers here and there and elongated seedpods. Cute little flowers and the seedpods don’t stay untl summer because normally they are ripen off and fall to the ground by then. If you talk about the hybrids then the one combined with Prosopis Alba is one of the most common one.

Taking care of Chilean Mesquites Tree

Chilean Mesquite

Living in the equator area, trees grow just like that without any specific treatment applied to it. Even sometimes you even need to prune them because they grow too big and very close to the electricity cables in the house. Yes some of our houses still have that cables hanging on the trees to the houses. Anyway, Chilean Mesquites is one of the best bet if you are not a very preserving person to deal with schedule of watering your plant. These little Mesquites just need to be watered once every week. Simple isn’t it? You can be busy school or work while watering Mesquite can wait till Sunday. Actually watering this tree a bit too often would cause weak wood structure and insufficient root system.

Chilean Mesquite

Apart from the need of rare watering, this tree actually needs a little more on pruning rather than watering. On the young Chilean Mesquite, you need to prune them to shape but be careful because some little cross branches and sprouts may grow from the pruning injury. While the young Mesquite needs pruning, the old one needs pruning too but specifically in late autumn to shape and thin the canopy and remove some water suckers. B water of falling seedpods because it could cause you organic rubbish problem.

The fame of this South American native tree has been over many homeowners saying that Mesquite is one of the highly demanded trees for house decoration because its nature to grow fast and doesn’t need so much water to support its growth. The full sun helped to grow faster and bigger. Remember if you have one Chilean Mesquites, pruning is important both in young or mature Mesquite trees to make sure it grows up and canopy goes widespread a perfect for summer.

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