Have Your Own Press for Champagne Doorbell

Have you ever heard of a Press for Champagne Doorbell? Well, neither do I. but surely that cause a little of question such as: “what it that?”, “how you use it at home?”, “where can you find this type of bell?”, “is it like a bell you push to get a champagne?”, “what a lavish feature in a house!”. Don’t worry! We heard that all, and maybe even more to come about this eccentric choice of room or house feature. But before we talk about having your own champagne doorbell, maybe it is good to know how this even started and how it is now in modern era. Then after that we can have a look where you can get the similar doorbell for your house or if you feel like crafting it by yourself, we will sort some tutorial.

Press for Champagne Doorbell 101

Press for Champagne Doorbell

Originated in the US, especially Beverly Hills that in the last 2014 is commemorating the centennial anniversary of the city, some most luxurious hotel in town decided to set up some room sin their hotel to living the dream of old Film Noir Suite where you could have such a vintage furnishing apartment room, music, and even the on bell waiter pouring a sparkly champagne at your will. What is so wrong about that? Well nothing indeed and for these rooms it is rated around $1914/night. We know that is too much to think about unless you really in the edge of not living your life at all and you have only 24 hours, well yeah maybe you can do that. But this idea then spread to all over the world especially to London and reportedly Bob Bob Ricard, one os the deluxe take in diner restaurant in London making this Press for Champagne Doorbell into higher level.

Dining Tables and Press for Champagne Doorbell

Not just offering great dining experience for you and your date, also grand finale of the desert, Bob Bob Ricard blew everyone’s mind by having a Press for Champagne Doorbell for every table in the restaurant. Once you pushed it, a white gloved waiter would come with a trolley of your French finest white wine to you. Now we talk about the style and London always slays the game.

But to sum it all, Press for Champagne Doorbell requires you to spend $1914 for a hotel room in Beverly Hills, or a flight and God knows how much for the deluxe dinner for two so you can try this doorbell. That’s not a problem because you can have the Press for Champagne little bell at your house! You surely can buy that online in Lisa Golightly and her Etsy store or you can learn how to make it yourself by a project cost only $30 using some DIY Project Champagne Doorbell tutorial. Set the doorbell where you please in the house and have a way better waiter than restaurant could offers to pour you champagne. Isn’t that better to have your partner pour you a glass of wine at will.


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