Legacy Garage Door Opener and Wireless Remote

From many of the garage opener, we cannot argue that Legacy garage door opener is one of the best in its class. Not only providing simplicity and wireless remote control, it also comes with the ½ horse power, reliable and convenient with the choices of belt and chain drive. Talking about the houses or building where this legacy garage opener works, we can use this legacy garage opener in most of the residential garage that weighing up to 500 lbs. Come with the Code Dodger remote control, this legacy garage opener has the DC motor technology to serve you with smooth and quite rail operation. Now what else is this garage door opener has? Bellow is the features that coming along with legacy garage opener.

Feature Coming Along Legacy Garage Door Opener

Legacy garage door opener

It is surely a problem about garage door when you open the door and the noise is very disturbing, especially in the evening time. Yet this problem is solved by one great feature comes along with Legacy garage door opener which is DC motor technology. This motor technology operates with various ranges of speeds that allow you to have a smooth roll and soft start and end. The operation is immensely quite and leaving neighbor a well sleep even when you get home late.

Some people worried that the most common robbery happens because you forgot to change the garage key, or code. What’s why people say, “when you have a new house you change the door lock but never change the garage door”, well with Legacy garage opener remote control you will have a new code which is selected from over 4.3 million possible codes each time you activate your remote control; giving you a full security to the house and avoiding piracy to your remote control.

More Features in Legacy garage door opener


Those two are the features we think would be the best bid for the Legacy garage door opener, but that’s not the only features they have, some are as great as the other two and we will tell you here. The thirst features we favor most is the self diagnostic Safe T-Beam System. This system works just like the elevator door. When the infrared beam detects an object then the door will stop closing and reverse. You cannot avoid the possibility of almost closing the garage but then forget you got to grab something from inside, so you can just wall pass and the door would stop for you and reverse. Not only about the system, security, and the self detection, but this Legacy garage opener is also taking care of the aesthetic field, the operator rail is well hiding the rotating belt for safety reason and less industrial looking. Feeling a bit dark in your garage? Don’t worry Legacy garage opener is installed with a build in bulb positioned toward inside of your garage. Making sure it gives a proper lighting when you open the garage and it is compatible to CFL and LED light.

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