4 Signs That You Have Bed Bug Droppings

Most of people don’t really realize when they have bed bug droppings, why is that? Having a bed bugs living under your room is not like having a cat at home. First, you cannot see them given their micro size. Secondly, because the bug bites doesn’t come into symptoms even after a generation passes. Even when it occurs you might think about different bugs that might bite you when you sleep, so that here we have some signs whether or not you have bed bugs living in your room. Now you know why mothers are so cranky about cleaning your room. Here we go!

Bed Bug Droppings their “poop” as dark stains

bed bug droppings

One of the easiest way to know if you have bed bugs in your bed is by checking your pillow case of your bed sheet and see if you have dark stains or marks as if you drop a liquid marker drops on bed or unconsciously leave your pen open on the bed. Some people who do not aware of the bed bugs would tell you that is just a sign of the fabric getting old, oh yeah yellowish fabric, we can take that, but dark stains, it is definitely one of the sign of bed bugs. Bed bugs take blood as a food and therefore they are “pooping” right away after, so if they feed from you then you would be able to see the stains or bed bug droppings around.

Blood and Bed Bug Droppings

bed bug droppings

Another sign that is left to affiliate with the existence of bed bug is a little stains of blood. As we know that bed bugs take blood as a food, there is possibility that they were pushed between our body and the mattress when we roll on the bed while they are feeding. Therefore beware of little blood mark on the bed sheet, pillow case and your own pajamas. Mark like this often occurs when the person doesn’t have a good sleep and rolling over many times.

Shell and Eggs are the last two of the sign of bed bugs can be seen from their young age shell and their eggs. Different from the bed bug droppings that can be seen on the surface of the bed, pajamas, pillow cover, and bed sheet, the shell of the bugs is normally hidden or fall apart of the floor nearby the bed. When the bed bugs leave the childhood and reach adult age, they leave their shell and the color is just like one penny coin while the actual bed bugs color is darker, while the sign of eggs can be seen underneath your bed, especially if you have a wooden bed. Check on the hidden area and you will find a tiny eggs looking like rice but sized only 1 mm. These eggs are visible to bare eyes but will be easier with magnifying glass. So, it is important to clean your room regularly to avoid bed bugs along with any disease comes with it.

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