5 Stylish Ideas of Home Decorating in Green with Suitable Decors and Furnishings

Would you like green paint to be used in your home design? You can always do so if you want to. No one would say that it is not popular paint color for home design anymore. Green of any shades can look all stylish and fashionable if you know the proper way of designing your home with it. It won’t hurt to learn how to do it by looking closely at the existing ideas of home decorating in green below.

Ultra Green Idea with White Furniture

To tie the interior look and the nature beyond the window, you can always paint the walls with Very Green by Benjamin Moore. This ultra green color makes good transition to the greenery outside. To brighten up the space though, go for white furniture and decors. Have them spotted in black with pattern. Put one yellow statement on the table for little pop of color for chic green home decor idea.

Pale Green Idea with Wooden Decors

If you can use deep green, you can always use the pale one. Since it is one of green shades we are using here, it would be easier to bring nature in. Use pale green paint for the walls, but use white for the ceiling. Have wood laminate floor with white area rug spread on it. Look for wooden furniture and dress one with vase of branches with little flowers on to finish this green home decorating idea.

Lacquer Green Idea for Entrance Hall

Home decorating in green can go with deep green for living room like the first idea earlier, and pale green for dining room like the second. However, you can always go with shiny lacquer green for your entrance hall. If the chosen shade is deep though, it is better to have wall’s bottom and top edge along with the ceiling in white. Use metal or white black decors and pop of colors from the furniture.

Bright Jelly Green Idea with Wall Arts

You can go all cheerful with bright jelly green paint color. Paint stripes of green and white in turn for the accent wall. With white around the lower part of the wall, you can have green sofa placed in front. Since the wall looks a bit lonely, you can add pop of colors through wall arts. They are better with doddle-like paintings than the artistic ones. This home décor in green shade is family friendly.

Dark Green Idea for Library at Home

Choosing dark green does not always require you to get it coated in lacquer, so it can shine inside the space and brighten it up. It is not the only way, actually. If you plan on using it for your home library, you should consider choosing the space with lots of windows around. With white black stripped window treatment and sofa, this home decorating in green can be bright enough for the space for you to read your books in.

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Description: Home decorating in green can go with all sorts of shades, ranging from the bright to the dark ones. With proper furniture and decors, you can make cozy room.