Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air: What To Do

Air Conditioner Not Blowing Out Cold Air – Are you currently dealing with an air conditioner not blowing cold air? If you are, you must realize just how annoyingly inconvenient this case can be right? Just think about it; a machine that is designed to keep a room cool and comfortable suddenly stops providing cold air. The unit may not stop working as it still consumes energy and blowing but it just fails in blowing cold air like it is exactly meant for. The degree of this problem may vary from one case to another. There might be a time when the AC unit still functions but it takes much, much longer time to cool the room. There might also be another moment when the unit blows minimal amount of cold air that it doesn’t count as cold at all.


Despite the degree, the case of rv air conditioner not blowing cold is a nuisance. It makes you scratch your head as you don’t know what happens. Here are some ideas about what’s going on:

Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

  1. Dirty air filter


Logically speaking, dirt blocks filters. Climb up there and see if this is the case.

  1. Faulty parts

It’s either the condenser or the compressor that stops working—or both.

  1. Electrical issues

These issues include: defective breakers, shorted wires, corrosion on connectors or contacts, failed sensors, and malfunction on thermostat. Do not attempt to repair if this is the case. Call a pro instead.

  1. Low refrigerant level

It could be worse; the coolant may be empty at all.

Steps to Take in an Attempt at Fixing Air Conditioner not Blowing Cold Air

The abovementioned pointers are just to give you some ideas in general about your ‘air conditioner not blowing cold air’ case. However, this case is a very large-scope issue that can be broken down into two groups, based on the output of your AC unit itself: whether it’s blowing or not. If it is but the air is not cold enough to bring a room temperature down, here are what you need to do:

  1. Investigate thermostat fan setting. If you AC unit is throwing a mood swing (sometimes cold, sometimes not), set the fan setting to ‘Auto’. Setting it to ‘On’ will cause the AC to still blow air despite it not being cooled.
  2. If upon checking out your air filter you find some dirt, it may be the source of the problem—it clogs the cold air out. Replace as instructed.
  3. What about the outside unit? Is it dirty? Is it somehow jostling against a tree branch? Is the fan malfunctioning? If dirty, clean it. If it’s overwhelmed by a branch, trim that branch away. If it’s the fan, call a pro.

If after going through these steps your AC is still a hopeless box of electricity-hogging technology, then the refrigerant may be at fault. There might be a leak, or it’s on low level, or even empty. Whichever it is, a pro is required to provide a fix.

What’s Worse than an Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

If this case expands into a ‘no-air-at-all’ case, then you’re in for another attempt that consists of the following steps:

  1. Set thermostat 5 degrees under room temperature.
  2. Set the thermostat to Cool.
  3. Replace dirt-covered air filters.
  4. Find out if your unit gets enough power.

By and large, an air conditioner not blowing cold air is a rather simple case to take into your own hands. However, if the problem you find following an inspection is electricity- or refrigerant-related, a help from professionals is urgently required. Attempting to fix it on your own might result in further damage.

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