Baby Bed Extension Extender For Better Co-Sleeping Experience

Sleeping, indeed, is personal matter. Not to mention, in what way you choose the way you sleep, it’s actually up to you. Even so, if you are parents with newborn baby, there are some factors to put in mind when you decide co-sleeping. Co-sleeping can improve the bonding between parents, especially mothers with their newborn baby. But it is not that only, the presence of a mom gives such a calming sensation to their baby as their baby feel the safest when the mother is around. Co-sleeping, however, is not a simple matter as you have to ensure about the safety environment of where your baby will sleep. Next, decide on where your baby will sleep? Will you share the bed with your baby? Or, will you use baby bed extension extender?

Baby Bed Extender Or Bed For Co-Sleeping?

baby bed extension extender

Prior talking about whether you choose baby bed extension extender or sharing your bed for co-sleeping, the most important thing is that, both side of parents need to agree with this decision. Because it can be pretty bad if only one side of parents consider this option. Determine also about how long you will co-sleeping. Is it only for some months or more? Assuming that no problem occurs about co-sleeping, you can move to another step like choosing whether you choose baby bed extender or sharing bed with your baby. Surely, both options have some good and bad points. Therefore, you have to carefully choose what option that perfectly suits you. Keep in mind that your baby needs best environment to sleep, not only for their comfortableness, but also for their safety.

Newborn baby is very small, fragile,and easily get injured even with something that adults consider not dangerous. If you choose sharing bed over baby bed extension extender, do you think that mattress of the bed is perfect for your baby? Because, it is different, mattress that is designed for baby and adult. Another is about the location of the bed, and more. Whilst if you consider baby bed extender, the budget alone, give your concern toward the structure of the bed extender. The lock part should be properly fasten. Don’t forget about some safety features to protect your baby while sleeping there. Another important factor is that, the size of your bedroom should accommodate the baby bed extender. So, which one to choose? Both options are great for co-sleeping with some of considerations.

Sharing Bed For Co-Sleeping, Benefits And Drawbacks

baby bed extension extender

Considering to sleep together on the same bed with your baby, you don’t need to think about another expense for baby bed extension extender. More, you don’t need to experience the hassle  choosing the right baby bed extender that is suitable for your baby and the bedroom. You also can be closer with your baby, in here, the mother. Even so, you need first to inspect the bed. Fluffy mattress is comfortable and good for you, but it is not for your baby. A kind of water bed, feather bed, and some typical options are not good for your baby. Adding stuffed animal probably looks cute, but did you know that stuffed animal has hidden danger? It doesn’t mean that you have to avoid stuffed animals, simply steer it away somewhere when your baby sleeps on the bed.

Pay special attention toward the location of your bed. For instance, if the bed nears window, ensure to change its location, because window is not safe for the blinds or the curtain. Both the headboard and the foot board of your bed, it should become your concern as well. It is not affect you, obviously, but it can be very harmful for your baby. How about if without you know your baby is strangled between the openings either the foot board or the headboard part of your bed? Don’t forget about the size of the bed. If the bed is too tight, baby bed extension extender is your best option. Parents who are okay with those above mentioned considerations, sharing the bed with  your baby won’t meet with any significant problem, however, if you are not, don’t hesitate to choose another alternative like baby bed extender.

Baby Bed Extender For Co-Sleeping

baby bed extension extender

Alternative for sharing bed is baby bed extension extender. Compared to Co-sleeping with you on bed, baby bed extender is better in some degree. You can skip such thing like bed inspection, and yes you don’t need too worry about the location of the bed. The bed extender creates private space for your baby. Though, this is not always, but usually, the baby bed extender features mattress that is perfect for the baby. New born baby sleeps on their back, that is why the mattress for baby should be firm without unnecessary fluff. It comes with distinctive price, sizes, and designs that you can choose based on your needs. Mostly baby bed extender can be treated as a  regular baby crib when the opening or the extender part is closed.


In order to pick the best baby bed extension extender, you have to decide beforehand how much budget that you want to spend. Therefore you easily can narrow down the options of baby bed extenders. As well, think about whether you want to buy baby bed extender in set or individually. Buying baby bed extender in set, you get everything that you need or sometimes even get more than you what need. The only drawback is that you need to pay more. However, if you are okay with it, then, it won’t be problems. Buying baby bed extender separately makes you focus only to what you need, this way, you can save more. Nevertheless, you need to confirm that you choose each part appropriately. The mattress should be firm and snug properly. Ensure that you surround the bars  with protection if the gap between each bar is too wide. Keep your eyes on the structure and when it comes to the extension part, ensure that it locks properly.

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