Baby Diaper Shower Tricycle Instructions For Baby Shower Events

Being invited to a baby shower is an exciting experience, the only thing that is not, it is your confusion to choose the right gift for the occasion. Hints for you, when it comes to gift for baby shower, it should be something that will help parents to do their function easier. Moreover, if this is their first child. Diaper is a a noteworthy option, as newborn baby needs a lot of diapers. Now, to make your diapers look great, you can consider to turn the diapers to certain design like diaper tricycle, for instance. Say that you you decide to design the diapers that resemble tricycle herein you will discover baby diaper shower tricycle instructions, if you consider to make it yourself than ask for professional assistance. Make a diaper tricycle is not easy, but still, it is not that difficult as well.

Things To Prepare For Diaper Tricycle

 baby diaper shower tricycle instructions

If this is your first time to make a diaper tricycle, keep in mind that the process is somehow complex. But if you know how to make a basic diaper cake , the process can be easier. But even though, you are not, it doesn’t make you can’t finish the project. With baby diaper shower tricycle  instructions, it will give you some clues about how to make one. However, it requires some time, furthermore, if you never before make this kind of project. Some trials and errors may occurs. In fact, it is normal. You need only practices over and over again until you perfectly can make one like professional.

It is impossible if you want to make a diaper tricycle, but you don’t have anything that you need to the project. So then, here are things that you need, thus you can follow baby diaper shower tricycle instructions without hassle. Before start to turn the diaper into a cute diaper tricycle, you will need, diapers for newborn. If you don’t know about this, the size of newborn baby diaper is size 1. The  number of diapers that you need, it follows the size of diaper tricycle that you want to make, but for a normal size, the diapers that you need will be around 60 to 70 diapers. For the rest you will need, receiving blanket, baby socks, wide ribbon approximately 3 inches, elastic bands, paper towel tubes, stuffed animal, baby bottle,and flannel receiving blanket.

Make Diaper Tricycle Part 1


Now, it is time for you to pay attention toward baby diaper shower tricycle instructions after you have everything that is necessary for diaper tricycle. To create the tier, take cake pan the one that is 8 inch. Grab the diapers next, about 20 diapers approximately to form the tier. Then place the diapers one side of the cake pan. To ease you shaping the tire, press the diapers. You need that paper towel tube in the midst of the pan. You have to repeat to place the diapers one-by-one around the tubes. Once you finish with it, secure the diapers with elastic band. Do the same process for the next two wheels for the tricycle. Afterward, remove gently the diapers out from the pan.

You need next the wide ribbon. Through the hole in the center of the diaper cake, insert the ribbon.  The one where you insert the wide ribbon first, it will be the front wheel of the tricycle. After the aforesaid baby diaper shower tricycle instructions, with the same ribbon, you can continue to insert the ribbon to another two diaper cakes. But before you do so, position the diaper cake to mimic the wheels. When you do this part, pay attention toward each position of the wheel. You need one in front, and the rest two as the rear wheel. Remember to space the rear wheel properly. The distance between the rear wheels is about 6 inches. Easy way to position the rear wheels, place it near the end of the front wheel, and you will get the perfect space for both rear wheels.

Make Diaper Tricycle Part 2

 baby diaper shower tricycle instructions

When you are done with baby diaper shower tricycle instructions part 1, here are things to do next. Use the rest of the receiving blanket to maintain the wheels’ position. The way is, take receiving blanket, fold it midway, but make sure it’s the opposite way, and then do it once again. Like a jellyroll, you need to wrap the receiving blanket, and then, pull one section to the left through the hole, and then to the right. This way you can rest assure that wheels stick with its position. Now, take the large-sized flannel receiving blanket. After you roll the aforesaid up, take the roll, and then insert the roll through the front wheel of the tricycle. Nip both right and left parts of the blanket atop the front tire, and then, tie or secure the nips with wide ribbon. You have the handle bars of the tricycle by now. Take small baby bottle, and then push it carefully between the opening of the top part of front tire and the ribbon. Baby bottle is treated as the lamp for the tricycle.

Next, you can wrap the handle bars with baby sock. To make the diaper tricycle seems real, place the stuffed animal right behind the handle bars of the diaper tricycle, and you are done. Nevertheless, to ease you to follow baby diaper shower tricycle instructions, you can consider some video tutorials. Tips for you, the baby socks, the stuffed animals, the ribbon, the receiving blanket, the flannel receiving blanket, and the baby bottle should be in the same shade with different undertones and patterns, to make your diaper tricycle looks more inviting. And the last, yet not the least thing, to prevent any part of the diaper tricycle moves around, more when you bring the aforesaid to the venue where the baby shower is held, you need to wrap the tricycle made of diapers with something like a cellophane (plastic wrap or its kind) or tulle netting.


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