Basic Guidelines In Using Metallic Epoxy Floor Paint For Home Decor

Metallic epoxy floor paint can be one among other solution you can choose to edit your home decor. Not only the vertical of your home that can be treated with another color, but also you can do the same for the horizontal zone of your home. Give the metallic effect to the floor it brings character to the room, whether it is the garage, the living room, kitchen or another part of your home. The durability of metallic epoxy becomes one within many reasons to consider this typical floor for such a heavy traffic area inside your home like kitchen or garage, what do you think?

Applying Metallic Epoxy Floor Paint Onto The Floor


 It is important to know that the mixing and the application of metallic epoxy floor paint isn’t as simple as you may think despite it’s viable for you to do the do-it-yourself application for epoxy metallic floor paint. Therefore, if you are not really confident with your skill, simply hire professional to perform the work. For starter, you have to clean the surface. And make sure that the surface  where you want to apply the epoxy floor paint with metallic reflective coat is solid. Anytime that you are sure that the floor has no dust and debris, coat the surface with base coat. Depending on your preference, you can choose the base coat with dark color or black.

Metallic epoxy floor paint

Wait until the colored base coat becomes dry so then you can prepare the floor before the metallic epoxy floor paint can be applied on the surface. Check again the floor to make sure that there is no dust and debris. This time you can use the sand screen with 100 grit to cleanse the floor. When the dust and debris are negative, you can apply the epoxy metallic floor paint to the surface after you mix the substance properly. You have to seal the top layer of the floor in order to extend the lifespan of the epoxy floor which can stand for long time.

Great advantages of Metallic Epoxy Floor Paint

 If you have a small space, the 3D epoxy metallic is top notch solution. The reflective surface adds more lights to the petite room and makes it seems larger. If you want distinctive atmosphere inside certain room inside your home, its 3D metallic effect really can do the job for you. In comparison to another flooring solution, epoxy flooring is somehow affordable. Its longevity is also great.

When the installation is performed correctly, it can last for some decades until you need to replace the epoxy flooring with another flooring option. Epoxy floor can handle chemical substance pretty well. Easy to maintain is another reason why you have to include this typical flooring solution  as part of your property. Compared to some options for flooring solution you need only to wipe the surface to clean the spills or dust. The last, yet not the least thing, the epoxy flooring is visually attractive and with wide array of styles and colors to pick, you easily can match the new floor with the room decor.

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