Bathroom Shower Tiles Design Ideas

As there are many bathroom and shower design sources and ideas that you can tap in and learn from, why not paying more attention to the bathroom shower tiles design ideas? Some people do not pay attention much on the tiling situation in the bathroom because for some, it is important to fit the color in white and everything small be looking clean, sleek, and spacious. Well, it is not particularly wrong, but when you build a bathroom, especially the ensuite bathroom, or let’s say a bathroom for reputable name like hotel, businesses, and respectable person, you don’t want to belittled because your choice of style and design which is rather cheap. So for that, we would like to bring up some contemporary and classic ideas that actually has been here for a while but not everyone take for their ideas because if the originality of the design and the cost that might occur. Are we ready?

Tiles up to the wall situation: is that good?

bathroom shower tiles design ideas
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Yes, conditionally. When you have the situation where the bathroom and shower area is not very spacious, with also little lights could come in, then you can consider the option of taking marble or ceramic or wooden palette tiles up to the wall to widen the view and avoid the room looks fragmented between the floor area, wall area, and ceiling. Floor and wall can be cooperated by using the same tiles in brighter hues and scheme color, while the ceiling should be left clean and bright to support the lighting.

bathroom shower tiles design ideas

If you decided to put a little accentuation on the ceiling, we suggest you to look up to the urban style bathroom shower tiles design ideas. They provide very original ideas where there tiles are not only interesting, but vivid in statement. You surely can pull up one to your bathroom ceiling. Bathroom floor tiles that went up to the wall has different height for some purposes, for the kids bathroom, normally the wall tiles are meant to avoid the wall got too dirty and allow some fungi to grow. In other side you can make the bathroom cleaning to be easy and fun for your kids because they don’t have to clean hardly on wall part when you cover it with ceramic or marble already. But when it comes to the adultery matter, the tiles up to the ceiling is more into the statement and architecture purpose to build the room to be taller, wider, and more spacious. Thanks to the lighting and furniture design with wall mounted shelves and floating cabinet behind the mirror.

Wooden tiles: yes or no?

Using wooden tiles reminds us a lot to the spa ambience in the spa house. The natural and relaxing vibes, thanks to the decoration of the room, aromatherapy candles, flowers, and the sauna and massage. Wooden tiles are also gaining big number of fan, yet many people worry about the durability of the wooden palette. Because shower is the wet area and wood could rotten when it is blasted by water too often. Some people prefer the wooden palette only on the dry area and not on the shower. That’s okay, but if you want to try the wooden palette for the shower tiles, you can discuss to your architect about the options and hoe to maintain the durability and the cleanliness of the wood in bathroom shower tiles design ideas.

Using the wooden palette in bathroom also remind us a lot to the Japanese style house. Japanese style house use big number of wooden palette and bamboo in its construction. Even though in modern era, the houses are more into Japanese flat build with western construction, the element of natural wood and bamboo still cannot be left behind because it is part of the culture. You can see in the bathroom, many Japanese style bathroom will be covered by wooden palette. Lighting also support the ambience by using the yellow light instead of boosting the clean sharp looks by the white light. The wooden palette sometimes also covers the bottom area of the bathtub or Jacuzzi style bathtub of Japanese. Name it all, the style and ideas from Japanese bathroom really match with the entire wooden tiles situation.

Now the bathroom shower tiles design ideas are moving forward to the discussion of mosaic. Is it too much to use mosaic in the bathroom? Will it make the room even smaller or more beautiful? This mosaic topic is one of our favorite. The bathroom looks more vibrant and playful when it comes to the mosaic, because mosaic can come in just one color scheme but the palette and the hue that comes with it is vary and beautiful. The honey mosaic appears on the upper half of the wall and the little hanging ornament on the wall outside the shower area makes the room feels warmer and has earthy vibes. Personally we like the mosaic comes in green color schemes because basically the nature of green is making the room looks bigger and cooler, using the right amount of mosaic in green hues on the upper half of the wall while the lower half is using the natural stone in beige color plus the small soft pebbles for the floor adding the massage to your feet each time you walk in, will surely give the breeze to the room, and avoid the small and narrow feeling inside the bathroom. Add to this decoration is the big window to allow more natural light coming. Talking about the lighting, when you use lighting in the room, it should be cooperated with the material you use for the tiles, because wrong lighting on specific tiles can make the room looks darker and smaller than it is. Improving the mosaic, if you are not fan of big mosaic coverage, you can simply add few layers of it on the chair rail on the wall to give glamorous and elegant accent to the bathroom shower tiles design ideas.

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