Build Your Own Smoke House: Tips and Ideas

Back in the day, smoking meat is the basic acceptable way of serving meat. When grill or BBQ wasn’t available, smoke house is the best way to serve the meat. Smoke house also important to keep the tenderness of the meat, add the smoky flavor, season the meat, and also preserve the meat better than refrigerator. Time by time the smoke house is replaced by BBQ and grill which is pretty handy to bring for family picnic and easy to clean. Exactly like a pendulum, the swing of trend has now comes back to the era of having smoke house in your backyard. Not only preserving the meat and add the rich flavor to any part of the meat, smoke house also gives additional point to your property as a whole. There are a lot of tips and ideas on how to build your own smoke house , but first we will see one of the DIY smoke houses from Smoking Meat Forum.

build your own smoke house

First step to build your own smoke house, prepare cedar wood for the structure and cinder block. You need to set the cinder block as high as three layer and put the smoke pipe in on the lowest layer. The firebox shall be in a separated part and smoke is being transferred by the smoke pipe. Second step is to build the “house” or the body of the smoker by using cedar wood. Cedar wood is known perfect to build your own smoke house because it has natural oil which avoiding it from rotten. Cinder blocks and cedar are proper combination to build the smoke house indeed.

build your own smoke house

Third step is to build the roof of the smoke house with a little extension on one side to place the fire wood there. You need to have all you need settle closely and not in far away position. To build your own smoke house you also need to think about where the smoke is out from, which means you will need to make a small chimney on the top of the room. Once the roof and smoke house body settle, start to fill the wood stock area and then install the door to the smoke house body.

How to Build your own Smoke House

We haven’t finish yet as we still need to build the firebox for the smoke house. The firebox can be made from brick and you put a small door you can close when you are burning the wood. This will avoid the smoke to fly outside and instead to go directly to the smoke house by the pipe. By this design you can have cold smoke and hot smoke at the same time.

build your own smoke house

What is the difference? Hot smoke is basically cooking and flavoring the meat while the cold smoke means the fire is maintained less than 120 degrees and the purpose is just to flavor the meat and not cooking it. You also need to set strong hanger for the meat either from metal or wooden. Normally cedar is again the best companion in this business. By having to build your own smoke house you allow yourself to get advantage of less bacteria meat, increased shelf life and holding the smoky flavor longer.

Now after we know one way of building the smoke house, we will now learn so tips in building a smoke house. It might be a little detail, but very important especially for the safety.

  1. The best materials to build smoke house are cinder block, brick, cedar wood, and seasoned timber. Those materials are durable and especially cedar wood has its own preserving way to avoid rotten.
  2. Always remember to make a small door or window or chimney close to the roof for ventilation.
  3. When you build your own smoke house, remember on which part you will set a hanger so you can fix that part or strengthen then bars to hang the meat.
  4. The perfect meat should be kept in a specific temperature, especially when you do the cold smoking. So do not forget to install a small temperature of smoking house that you can read from outside.
  5. For the safety reason, do not build the smoke house too close from the main house. Few meters away are the best location. Three meters from the smoke house, dig a fire pit 1 meter deep and 2.5 feet wide, and then line it with a fire brick. This will avoid the fire to spread when things go wrong with your smoke house.

Building a smoke house can be cheap or pricey. It really depends on the size of the smoke house and the utilities you choose to use for the smoke house. Some people avoid burning the wood and choose to use the gas stove or BBQ machine. While the size of the smoke house itself can be varying, you have some consideration to make before you build your own smoke house. First consideration would be about the location. Living in a house with yard is the best place to build a medium size smoke house, while living in a farm house; you have plenty spaces that allows you to build a walk in smoke house from whole brick that will sustain for generation, plus it adds value of the property. But living in an apartment or small space housing can be tricky. You cannot build your own smoke house in normal size, especially for the safety reason.

build your own smoke house

For this situation, you can consider making a small smoke chamber which can be made from used wood and smoke by the gas stove or BBQ machine. It will avoid the possibility of fire spreading, but still could go wrong if there is a leaking of gas. Safety first, if you have hesitation of what typical smoke house or smoke chamber that you can go for, it is wise decision that you can consult to the architect or an expertise about smoke house on how one can fit in your living space without siding the safety and final purpose of delicious and healthy meat.

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