Building a Square Fire Pit and Beginning the Party

Building a Square Fire Pit – Fire is basically an outdoor decoration for gathering. This fire pit is popular between the people who like to spend much time outdoors. Some people even have their own fire pits in their backyards. However, to build a fire pit in your house is not a simple matter. You need to have a permit to give you a permission to build a fire pit. There are also some codes regarding to build a fire pit. Some codes require you to circle the fire pit with sand or gravel, so you need check about it carefully. Also, you need to concern about your surroundings if it is possible to build a fire in your backyard since the fire pit can cause fire and endanger you and your neighbors. Then, talking about pit, there are three kinds of fire pit, namely permanent, temporary, and portable fire that you carry around anywhere. Portable fire seems convenient since you can move the fire to every place you want, but some people think that permanent or convenient fire pit are also interesting. Therefore, there are still some people build a permanent or convenient .

building a square fire pit

Building a Square Fire Pit To Party

To make your own fire pit, people usually think up some designs that are appropriate with their views. Shape of the fire pit might be the one that characterize one fire to another. Square pit is the common shape that can be usually found. If you want to start to build one, square can be your chosen fire pit because it is rather easier to make a square fire pit than a circle one. After that, you can continue to make building a square fire pit. The most important thing is you plan about several things related to the square fire pit. Start with the plan of the design, you can choose what kind of square fire pit that you can. A fancy, elegant, or playful square pit is possible to build and there many ideas about it around internet. Relax and do not think that you will not have any reference. Some stores recommended fire pit kit and that can be the option to ease your way in building a square fire pit. Yet, the design is limited and there is possibility that the fire pit will not fit with the image of the fire pit that you want. Therefore, making your own fire pit is always seen as the best idea, albeit you need to pay attention for a lot of things and you need to put a bit much effort to build one. Well, at least, it can be cheaper and give a unique feeling.

building a square fire pit

Tools and material in building a square fire pit

For tools and materials, it can be vary depending on your preference. But, there are some basic materials that you can prepare in making a simple square pit. Some concrete wall stones for the wall, sand for the bottom of the pit hole, you can add some cap stones. Tape measure and shovel are important for supporting the making. Tamper, level, and steel rake are also needed to be prepared for the making. Some other additional materials are free to be added but, you need to make sure the additional materials are possible to fit the fire pit. It is better to keep the fire pit simple, without adding many things.

building a square fire pit

Process in building a square fire pit

Start with measuring the location. You need to check if the location is the right place for the square pit. Pay attention with winds and the possibilities for making a lot smokes during the usage because it can cause inconvenient problem to you and your neighbor. After that, you can start digging the ground. Make sure you digging quite deep hole for the fire pit. Then, you can pour the hole with the sand that you have prepared and do not forget to stuff the sand level. Next thing is you can begin to stack the concrete stones around the border of the hole until they reach above the surrounding ground. Make sure that the wall concrete stones create solid wall for the perimeter. After you finish the fire pit, make sure you put the right fireside seating for the fire pit. This is also vital to be concerned because you surely do not want to get overheated around the pit. It is said that a six-foot or wider pit is best measurement to create a safe fireside seating.

Seeing the above tutorial, it seemed that making a square pit is an easy project. But, there are many things to consider before building a square fire pit. As previously mentioned, you need a permit to make a fire pit and it is better that you contact local fire marshal because the local fire marshal is the person who is in charge for this matter and they may inform you with many valuable information about the fire pit. There is also important idea to add drainage for the permanent fire pit. You certainly do not your fire pit is out of function because of the rain. There is also one additional action that you can do before building a square fire pit, namely to educate yourself about fire pit safety. This is prominent way to keep out the possibility of the danger that can be caused by the fire pit. You might find it handy after you learn about one or two things about fire pit safety.

building a square fire pit

At last, after you have your very own square fire pit, you can plan to throw some parties with your family and friends. This fire pit can create such different atmosphere, albeit you are in your own house. It will be perfect to throw a party on weekend where you can sit down around the fire pit with your family and friends. It is the moment to sharing some knowledge or stories with them. You can also tell them about the method and experience in building a square fire pit that you have done. It can be a good thing if your friends also decide to build one after they have heard about your stories. Your friend can also make the same party like yours.


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