Building Your DIY Square Fire Pit ( With Video)

When you are sitting around the table playing board game with your family and friends, think about the conversation that might happen. It will be about friends of friend, job, breaking news in TV about politics or new car that someone bought. Pretty much non aesthetic and magical conversation happen. But think about a summer camp where everyone is sitting around the bonfire and sharing a lot of stories about their ancestors, about the history of native people, riding horse into the wild and many more horror stories that will be a memory after years pass. There is nothing like spending time with your family, friends, and your loved ones around the fire pit. It is different, warm, and very inviting. That’s also why many people are making their own DIY Square Fire Pit or ask the constructor to build that in your yard. Now we will try to give you a little simple steps and tips in building your own square fire pit.

Tips in making the safe durable square fire pit in your own yard.

  • Prepare the location. When you are building something related to fire like DIY square fire pit, you need to be careful and count all the possibility that might happen to your construction. For example you should make sure that the location of the fire pit is around 10 to 30 feet away from the porch or main house building. Why? This is to avoid fire spreading closely to the main building/house when accident happens. This also to give extra space of the digging up fire pit hole.
  • Make sure no hanging trees or electricity cable. After you make sure that the location is distant enough from the house, you should also locate the area where there is no hanging tree branches right above the fire pit. It might cause fire and burn the whole things up. You should also check the wiring and cable of electricity is far above or even better is none in the reach of the fire. Burning cable can cause major fire problem not only to your but also to the neighborhood.
  • Water location. Before making your own DIY square fire pit, it is also very wise to know that you have easy access to the water easily. Say it a well or an outside water faucet you use to water the grass, anything can work for the water supply as long as you have easy access to it. So in case anything happen you can turn off the flame faster.
  • Prepare the cover. When not in use, DIY square fire pit can jokingly be the smallest swimming pool in the world because of the rain that is not absorbed well to the ground. Some of the fire pit is using the metal plates to shape the burning area which also doesn’t leave space to the water pouring in to be grasped by the ground. If you have this problem there is a good option you can use the cover of your fire pit. Use the thin wasted fence you find in the small carpentry business in your neighborhood; they normally just hand it freely. You can also use the thin wooden board that you cut as the size of the fire pit and place it on the top if it when it is not in use. If you prefer, you can cover it again with plastic to avoid any water dripping or absorb. This will easily avoid water pouring in, but if the water is already inside you should try to make some little drainage holes in every side of the metal plate to deliver the water outside and leave the metal plate area dry.
  • Use flat base. Some people who don’t really prefer to dig deeper on their DIY square fire pit and use the diagonal metal plate will prefer to use the flat base structure. This structure will allow you to have almost same level between the fire pit and the paving side. It will avoid more water pouring in because of the flat base. It will be easier for you also to clean it.

Now after learning some tips of building the DIY square fire pit, we can start on the step by step to build the simplest fire pit. What will we need for the project? First you will need a hoe, shovel, cinder bricks, or normal bricks for the inside wall of the pit, cement to mortar the bricks, paving stones, gravel and decorative stones. Now how will we make it?

DIY square fire pit

  1. First step to make the DIY square fire pit is to locate and mark the digging location and then start digging. Some reviews offer the size of 4 x 4 feet wide with one foot deep. Some offers a little bigger size because in the end you will need extra room to cement the bricks and decorate it so there is a possibility that the fire pit will look smaller than what you expected.
  2. Secondly, you can clean the area of the square whole by using shovel. The clean square whole is needed because we will cement the brick or cinder brick to the inner side of the pit. After the mortared bricks are dry enough you can simply put the gravel inside the pit into some level. Having the pebble and gravel inside the pit is known to increase the heat of the area and hold the fire longer than just soil.
  3. If you prefer to use the diagonal metal plate pit, after the cinder bricks are dry enough you can prepare more cement and set the metal plate into the position like upside down triangle. Don’t forget to first make the drainage hole on the side of the metal plate directly to the ground so any possible water inside can be absorbed well.
  4. Now is the last thing you need to do is to decorate the side of your DIY square fire pit. Use the paving bricks to pit on the upped side on the pit. You can tighten them up by mortar them with cement or just set them in order without cement. But this could make you miss one or two paving bricks or even kick it inside the fire.

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