Cheap and Simple DIY Pallet Fence

Starting a new house but having a very tight budget in your account? You are not alone. Don’t worries if you want to still make your house is looking neat and tidy just like your neighbor but not ready yet to spend bucks on that, you come to the right place. Fence is one of the most important parts of the house which is located outside. It can, simply say, located your area of house, avoid animal coming into your yard or porch, and also to add aesthetic value to your home. We do not talk about the high wall automatic fence that you can open and close by voice command like in the movie. We talk about wooden cheap easy to make fence you can apply at home and beautify the looks of your house without breaking your bank. If you are ready then we will introduce you to the DIY pallet fence.

Things to consider when you deal with DIY Pallet Fence

DIY pallet fence


Pallet fence is known to have some advantages and disadvantages in term of using. Let’s talk about the negative side first. From the safety area as the purpose of fence is to keep the animal away, a short height fences might be too short for some animal, while in the aesthetic aspect it doesn’t look fancy compare to the other fences you can buy from the home depo. Continue again, it will require you to make it yourself at home as DIY pallet fence we will be doing and it might be not persistent enough to deal with termites, pests, and weather. But that’s not all! We still have the advantages of using the pallet fence, which are: pallet fence is very cheap and you almost can get material for free; it is easy to build which then saves your time; it is actually quite strong and you can always rearrange it and relocate it. So, considering the plus and minus, can we agree that this fence is the best option for your early started household experience without breaking the bank? Sure it is!

  • Hunting Fences

To build a DIY pellet fence you need the fence first. As we said earlier that turns out you can get the fences for free. But where? You need to look around to the small wooden businesses around you and see if you can get the fences for free. This is very often happens because those small businesses have to give them away or pay for the recycling service. So look around and find the perfect fence.

Normally a perfect fence will go around 40 inches x 48 inches. You will possibly get different dimension fences, but don’t worry as long as they aren’t too thin, you can always cut it out and reshape them. Be prepared also of the number you need. Do not take too much fences just because the businesses let you take all the rest fences they have.

  • Reassembling the pallet fence



Call it playing, but to be honest arranging the pallet fence is way easier that you think it is. You just need the roofing nails to stick them up together. Three bold roofing nails should be enough on the top, middle, and the lower part of the fences. This DIY pallet fence can be in an under 1 meter height or taller depends of your purpose. If this is just to make the aesthetic value in front of your house and avoid dogs barking in, then short (1 meter) fence can do. But then if you want it to be a backyard tall fence then you need to arrange the fence on purpose. Set 5 to 6 fence for the one set so it avoids the fence fall down because of the whirlwind.

  • Creating the Pallet Door

After you are done in arranging the pallet and “plant” it to the ground, there is homework remains to do which is to make the pallet door. The pallet door is perfect to the pathway or small walking area. But if you have the driveway, it will not be an option. Now making the small pallet door you need to set 2 – 3 fences together and place a hinges and a latch or a slot on the pallet.

This typical DIY pallet fence door might have a bigger gap to the other side of the door so you cannot use the slot or latch, think to put the slot downward instead and tick it to the ground by making a little hole to hold it there.

  • Set predator proof on your fence

If the purpose of you building the DIY pallet fence is to keep away the predator and avoid your pets to leave the designated area, then it is important to set a predator proof to outer side of your pallet fence. Chicken wire and the slap stapler are your best friends for this purpose. This will keep away the predator and at the same time keep your pets safe inside the fences area. Maybe you can build it a little bit higher just to make sure.

  • Coloring the pallet fence

That was the addition for the safety purpose DIY pallet fence, now we are talking about the pallet fence we build to beautify our house. Get back to the first stage, we get the fence from secondhand business that becomes our main material and it was bare. So now take a colorful pain and let’s color this up with nice inviting color. Fences will be outside and it should deal with weather and wind and rain, so make sure you buy the wooden water resistant paint to do it. One color is acceptable, but if you want to play a bit you can always combine some colors you may desire.

Remember that the purposes of the fence are either to put the safety line to your house compound, or to beautify your house without spending too much money on fences you can buy in a home depo. By these simple steps you can build your own DIY pallet fence with low budget and good result.

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