Classroom Decorating Ideas For Grade (5) Five

For over 25 hours a day kids spend their time at school with same friends and mostly same teacher, surely boredom attacks at some point, but we can make it less boring with classroom decorating ideas! The idea of decorating the classroom is not only to make the room looks somehow lively and make students want to come every day, but more to build a good environment that will help to develop behavior and intelligence. Being in a lively classroom also helps teachers to find more creative way to deliver material to the students. In the end it is win – win solution for both students and teacher to decorate the classroom. Now we have some ideas in decorating the classroom.

Classroom Decorating Ideas: Colorful Cabinetry

classroom decorating ideas
Colorful Cabinetry


classroom decorating ideas
Colorful Cabinetry classroom

Every teacher would love to make sure all the files and folders are well organized and accessible anytime needed, it means a cabinet should be in the class. But we know that office cabinets are mostly gray and boring. This can be solved by ordering the colorful cabinetry or if the school happens to already have one then you can use stickers to color the cabinet and make it less “boring”. While doing this classroom decorating ideas you can invite your students to join you sticking up some colorful stickers. Additional tips is apart from the teacher cabinet, invite your students to make their own homework basket from plastic basket with a decoration of their pictures or something personalized.

Classroom Decorating Ideas: Reading Spot

classroom decorating ideas
Reading Spot


classroom decorating ideas
Reading Spot Classroom

Encouraging students to read is very important. Regardless of the book, reading should be a culture that is being developed in every school. The school should provide not only textbook about math and science, but the general knowledge about history, influential people, great stories that deliver moral value should be provided. Therefore, what is better to have after a shelf full of book if not the reading spot? Teachers can make this reading spot in the library or in the back of the class and every student can read in the break time. You can set a fluffy rug and some little cushions to make it more comfortable. The best is if the school allocates a room for students to read. A reading area works like recessed wall niche decorating ideas.

Birthday Reminder in Classroom Decorating Ideas

classroom decorating ideas
Birthday Reminder in Classroom

Especially when being a teacher of younger age kids, knowing that they are all appreciated and receive as much attention as others, remembering personal things about them would help to develop the confidence and sense of belonging. Therefore we are sure this classroom decorating ideas would do the trick for you. What you can do is making a creative DIY board of birthday with name of every month in a year and every month would have a long ribbon with some weigh hang on it. Every students name and birthday would be written on a clamp one by one and those clamps will be clipped to the month according to the birthday. Every student would know their classmate birthday and everyone can congratulate the birthday kid on the day; simple but meaningful gesture.

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