Covered Greenhouse Garden Save You From Winter and A Strong Wind

We know the differences in having garden or greenhouse, but to have the combination of those two things? Well, nothing is unstoppable for people whom love gardening. The greenhouse garden is the right answer for the people whom do not have much space for gardening and the good thing is you can move the garden to anywhere you want because the garden is not attached to the ground. Well, you can assume the garden as a portable garden. You can change where you want to put the garden without thinking much about digging the soil. It is pretty much practical for the people who always move from time to time. They can keep their gardens because they carry it anywhere. Now, they can put their mind at ease whenever they need to move into a new place. There is no bye-bye plants anymore because the plants can go wherever they go.

 covered greenhouse garden

However, there is an obstacle for these gardeners, when it comes to the season, especially windy or winter season. Some vegetables or herbs eventually cannot survive through those seasons and they wither in no time because of the unfriendly weather. You can only watch the plants that you care everyday become rotten as the season does not support their growth. Yet, there is a simple thing that you can try for solving the problem. It is covered greenhouse garden. Well, what is it? Does it mean you need to put a cover over the greenhouse garden? Yes, the idea is pretty much like that. To put the cover over the greenhouse garden can help you to overcome the problems related to the season. For instance, when you put a cover to the greenhouse garden, then you can protect it from the wind; and somehow, you can maintain the warm temperature for the plants. Well, without the heat of the sun, the plants usually start to wilt and that is a bad sign for you because it is pretty hard to make your plants in good condition. Moreover, the climate does not support you in any way. So, okay, it is the time to save your vegetables and herbs by making a covered greenhouse garden.

First step: Understanding the size of the covered greenhouse garden


Yep! You need to know about how big your greenhouse garden is and after you get the data about it, you can make some adjustment about the cover for the greenhouse garden. Well, it is obvious about how the greenhouse garden need to be fitted with the cover, but to know about the size, you can plan about how tall the cover will be. Sometimes, when you know the size of the covered greenhouse garden, you can imagine about what kind of plants that you can invest in the garden. Well, to get the right measurement of the garden, it can help you to manage about the length of the cover. So, do not ever underestimate this first step in creating covered greenhouse garden.

Second step: Getting the right cover for the covered greenhouse garden


There are some people who do not think much about it. They just think if the greenhouse garden can be covered completely, their job is done. Well, it is not that easy as that. To get the right cover, you can improve the growth of the crops. Plastic can be the option for the covered greenhouse garden, but plastic comes up with several options. You need to find the plastic that has a durable characteristic, so that it cannot be easily damaged if there is a strong wind hit the greenhouse garden. Well, by buying this kind of plastic, you can also avoid a possibility for buying plastic time to time because the previous plastic has a severe damage because of windy season. Also, thick plastic has a bigger chance in keeping your vegetables and herbs in warmth. You can stop being worried when you want to maintain your greenhouse garden in winter because the plastic can solve the problem

Third step: Making the frame for the covered greenhouse garden

By making the frame, you need to choose the things carefully, such as the pipe or the chicken wire. Everything must be fit with the greenhouse garden and measure about the details carefully. You can also make a design about how the frame will be before you want to attach the frame to the greenhouse garden. Well, there is limitation for the form of the frame. You can it make square, arch from or anything as long as it can be suitable for the plastic and it is important to note that the frame will not bother the growth of the plants. Well, you have a perfect image for the frame, you can put it on the greenhouse garden. After that, make sure you to use pipe clamp in order to make the frame solid and keep in place. Next thing, you can do is attach the chicken wire all over the frame and that will make you attach the plastic to the frame easily. You might try to add glue to make the plastic wrapped the frame well. Well, basically you have made your greenhouse garden covered with the plastic and the job is completed. However, you make some modifications for the frame to make it presentable.

Other than that, you can start doing your business. Growing the vegetables and herbs throughout the entire season and there will no severe damage that will affect your plants. Eventually, whether it is winter or windy, you can keep gardening all the time. This will also improve your harvests because there are no more withering plants. You can also save your money because you do not have to buy seeds all the time. Well, who will think that keeping your plants is easy? You do not need to make a big effort and money. All can be done in one day, but you can feel the utilization for the entire year. Now, you can stop nagging about winter and windy periods!