Design Options to Build Your Own Greenhouse Free Plans

Build Your Own Greenhouse Free Plans – Having a gardening hobby is fun to do. You can grow things from little seeds of flowers to really cultivating some organic food supply for your family. The good parts about planting your own flowers or trees are the process you start form very beginning and eventually get the result in the end. You can also enjoy the result of your little farm to sell or just to consume with family. Yet the problem of this hobby is you need a space. Living in the farming house is handy because you have acres of land you can plant with all types of vegetables and fruits or flowers you’d like, but living is more populated area is a bit uphill for cultivating your own little farm. But it doesn’t mean you cannot do the hobby still.

build your own greenhouse free plans

With limited area to grow things in your backyard, you can come to the option to build the greenhouse in many different sizes for your plants. From the small closet size greenhouse to the real normal size greenhouse are available is a very affordable price and the one you can even build yourself. To build your own greenhouse free plans, you can visit some websites that gives you free samples of greenhouses, along with the detail and step by step to build it at your backyard. You can also do the customization, but normally this functions come with a little price like $5 – $10 for customize design. Still very affordable and cheap, isn’t it? Even for the provided ones, you can do without paying.

build your own greenhouse free plans

If you still have no idea about what kind of greenhouse you want to make in your small space we can offer you some ideas based on the size and function.

How to Build Your Own Green House Free Plans

build your own greenhouse free plans


  • Closet Greenhouse

Closet greenhouse is a small greenhouse you use to start your hobby by few seeds of flowers or other plants in your limited spaces. This typical closet greenhouse also works if you are living in the townhouse without yard. Space next to the window or on the top of the building can be your planting area. Use the old storm window as the “door” of this greenhouse and set the shelves inside to put little pots of your flowers. Using the plastic can also be option.

  • Old window Greenhouse.

Still the same idea as the closet greenhouse, but this old window greenhouse can come in any size with the possible zero budget and very low difficulty level. To build your own greenhouse free plans you can collect the old vintage windows from the secondhand shop. Even at some places where you just drop your “never use anymore” stuff you can get it for free. Again, now it depends on your space to build the greenhouse. Living in the town flat is the hardest because you could possibly build it in your balcony or on the top of the building which clearly not belong to you, so anything could happen.

Good for you if you live in a house where you at least have a little front yard or backyard, you have more size possibility to build the greenhouse. How? We have the windows, don’t we? Now all we need to do is to connect one window to another and make it like a big box of glass with shelves inside. Make one or two little window you can open on the top and the “door” on one side.

  • BuildEazy Greenhouse

This greenhouse is one of the most popular designs of greenhouse that many people build. Simple provided by buildeazy, you can follow the step by step making this effective, space savvy greenhouse that has ventilation windows on the top of it with neat looks. In order to build your own greenhouse free plans, it can be made by wood and plastic for the “wall” instead of using glass, this greenhouse is easy to make and surely save you a lot of money. The room is enough for you to come inside and decorate the shelves as your prefer.

  • Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Who never use plastic bottle? No one! At least once or twice a day we purchase or use plastic bottle in our daily life. And where are those plastic bottles go after? We all know that throwing away plastic bottle doesn’t do well for our environment because plastic is non degradable material that needs more than 200 years to naturally destroyed. So, natural savvy speaking we can build the greenhouse by this plastic bottle. As the purpose to build your own greenhouse free plans, it is indeed nearly free.

If you know how to find enough plastic bottles, or maybe you collect many of them at home, you can start to design it. The main purpose is to make them line up as the wall and the roof. You can cut them to make it in order with the size and make it straight by using a wire buffer. Another good things about using water bottles is that you will have little gap between every line which will work as the ventilation for air. No need the window while build your own greenhouse free plans.

  • CD case Greenhouse

Another wild idea is coming from greenhouse maker that you can try at home, but very creative and effective as a greenhouse. If you have a lot of old CD case at home that you want to throw away, just hold a while and check this out. To build your own greenhouse free plans from CD case, you can collect all the olds cases and use super glue to stick them together to build the “box” or the wall. After that you need a little cutting and gluing to shape the “roof” from this CD case.

The size of this CD case greenhouse is rather small and maybe can only contain of three big plants or few small flowers pot, but this is very creative and fun to make.

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