DIY Decoration for Christmas: Fruit Christmas Tree

One of the smartest Christmas decorations is Fruit Christmas Tree. The tree can be decoration and the dessert for your family and your guests in the Christmas party. You can also make the tree as the gift for your neighbor, so that you can come to their parties, bringing the attractive tree with you. The tree can add the festive atmosphere in your party because it is decorated with plentiful fruit with eye-catching color. It can also be a popular treat for the people because the tree can be eaten and it is made of fruits which have healthy substances. Why don’t you try to make your own Fruit Christmas Tree, then?

Surely, there many things that you want to know before making the tree, but no worries because many tutorials in the internet explain you about how to do and what kind of preparation that you need to make for the tree. You will no longer confuse with the making process. Also, the good part of the tutorial is you can get the pictures of how they are doing the Christmas tree. Some of them eventually make videos of how to do it and the tutorials are explained deliberately to make you understand well about the tree. However, if there are some questions bugging you about the Christmas tree, then there will be some explanations about those in this article.

Do you need much time for making Fruit Christmas Tree?

fruit christmas tree

No, actually, you can do it for about 10-20 minutes. You can easily make the tree whenever you have free time and you can invite your children to make the tree with you. Actually this can be a part when you spend time doing fun things with your children. Well, you can ask your children to organize the Fruit Christmas Tree after you have prepared all the fruits. Since you can make it for lesser time, it is possible for you if you want to make it without having any plan. You can grab the fruit in the market and ask your children to join you in making the Christmas tree. Also, you can make the tree anytime you want.

fruit christmas tree

Well, it does not have to be for Christmas party? If you feel that you want to have a nice afternoon playtime with your children, you can make use of this Christmas tree for that reason. The bonus thing is you can also prepare for fruits for the snack for the children. Then, they can eat much fruits. It can help them to eat any unhealthy snacks. Well, a mother always wants the best for their children and this not-so-much-time-consuming activity can be the answer for you to treat your children better.

This is one of the things to consider for making Fruit Christmas Tree

fruit christmas tree

Aside with the time, the preparation is the thing that you need to consider in making the Christmas tree. First, you need to buy fresh fruits for the Christmas tree. Well, because the Christmas tree aims to be the decoration for the Christmas party, you need to get a fresher look from the fruit. Therefore, to choose the fruit carefully is the important thing. Eventually, as people usually prepare for the tree in the afternoon and the tree will be displayed at evening, you need to pay attention with some fruits that you want to use. For instance, if you want to use apples for decoration, you need to prevent the cutting apples turn into brown. You do not want your apple decorations to have brown colors when you display the tree, then you need to apply for some advices for keeping the colors of the apples.

First, you can pour some lemon juice over the cutting apples. The lemon juice can prevent the oxidation process that happened in the cutting apples. Second method is to use salt for the cutting apples. You just need to sprinkle the salt a bit for the cutting apples for keeping the apples turn into brown. However, you need to make sure if you do not use much salt to your apples because it can make your apples taste salty. Third, you can use carbonated drinks for those cutting apples because carbonated drinks consist of citric acid. All you need to do is to sink the cutting apples into the carbonated drinks and wait for some moments before you rinse the cutting apples. The good thing about using the carbonated drinks for the apples is you can have added flavor and it will be great to enrich the taste of your edible Christmas tree.

What kind of fruit you can use for Fruit Christmas Tree?

fruit christmas tree

There are plenty choices of fruit that you can use for the tree. Basically, you can use many fruits for the foundation but, it is important that you need to make sure if the fruit will have a solid texture so, it can hold many fruits as many as possible for the tree. For instance, some people use a large carrot for the foundation.  Trim the carrots carefully and you ensure that the shape of the carrot can be attractive and good. After that, you can prepare the carrot to be the ‘tree’. Get ready the other fruits to be the decoration for the edible Christmas tree. Well, you have strawberry, banana, grapes, kiwi, and many other. From the choice of fruits, you can purposely pick the fruits that can display the great combination of colors. You can also put the fruit randomly. So, it will give the attractive colors in the Christmas tree. Or, you can organize the fruits neatly and then, the fruits will produce the great color and shapes. You can get some ideas about it in the internet or to design the tree before you start making it. Well, the main idea is to get the incredible decoration for Christmas. Fruit Christmas Tree can cheer the atmosphere in your dining room and can be the center of attention in the party.

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