DIY Tricycle Diaper Cake for Baby Shower Party

When your family or friends want to hold a baby shower party, then you must want to present them with a gift that might surprise them. Some people have traditional ideas such giving baby socks or baby bibs in colorful wrap, or some people have modified their wraps into some presents into magnificent arrangements. DIY Tricycle Diaper Cake is one of the modified gifts that have been invented and have been used by some people for the baby shower events. Well, to make the diaper cake is technically easy. Yet, you need to pay attention of certain details to make it perfect. Here are the things that you can do for making it:

Preparing the gift: Get the Material for DIY Tricycle Diaper Cake

diy tricycle diaper cake

Diapers are the irreplaceable things for this gift, so these are the first ones that you need to prepare. For the tricycle, then you need big amount of diapers. You need to make sure that you get perfect amount of diapers. Next thing you can buy is 2 blankets for baby. To make the DIY Tricycle Diaper Cake cute, you can find some colors that might make the diaper cake cute. Next thing is to buy some ribbons. The ribbons will give attractive impact for the diaper cake. Baby socks, bibs, and a bottle are the next things you can add for the diaper cake. Well, those things are the fundamental things that you need to have to make the diaper cake.

diy tricycle diaper cake

Preparing some materials for DIY Tricycle Diaper Cake can be exhilarated things. The baby stores are usually filled by pretty and exciting things. Some people might end up adding many things for making the diaper cake. Well, it is okayish thing to do and you can some other things and it is all up to your creativeness. However, do not overdo it and you need to observe if the added things can be fit well into the bundle of the diaper cake. For choosing the materials, some people go with the materials with similar color. For instance, some people who want to give a present for a baby boy, usually buy and arrange the diaper cake with the things which have blue colors. The ribbons, bibs, ribbons, and everything is in blue. Otherwise, for the baby girl, they usually go with pink color. In this matter, you actually can mix the color of the diaper cake. It is not really necessary to go with one color. Maybe you use some things which have different colors. Well, again, it is all up to you and your creativity side. You can actually mix two or three different colors in the diaper cake. Do not hesitate in exploring your ideas.

Be Creative: The Making of DIY Tricycle Diaper Cake

diy tricycle diaper cake

After you prepare the things that you want to have in DIY Tricycle Diaper Cake, you can start making it. First thing is to make the tire. There are many things that you can try to make the tire from the diapers and two of the methods are to use a cake pan or to use some toilet paper rolls. Both ways can work well for the making the wheels and you can make the tire easier without getting trouble and confused. Well, if you use the cake pan, you can start by adding the diapers into the cake pan and piling it into a circle form. Do it carefully and you can use rubber once the wheel of diaper is done. After that, you can make the other two wheels. Then, after the wheels are done, you can check the wheels before continue to the next process. Make sure if the wheels are in good shape and they are all in similar size. After you are convinced that the wheels are good to go, you can put ribbons around the wheels. Please do it gently because you do not want the wheels ruined.

diy tricycle diaper cake

Now, you are one step closer to finish the project! Roll all the blankets that you have because you will put these rolled blankets through the wheels that you have already made. One blanket is for tying the three wheels and one blanket is for the front wheel. Later, the blanket in the front wheel will be used for the handle of the tricycle. For the instruction, you may need to check on some photos or videos on how people do it; because the process is a bit confusing if there is no guidance about how to put the blankets through these wheels. Also, it is important to make the DIY Tricycle Diaper Cake sturdy but, when you are doing this process, make sure you do not pull everything too tight. It can ruin the wheels and the blankets will be wrinkled. Just do it in proper method.

diy tricycle diaper cake

Then, place the bib on the front wheel (place the neck part headed for the back). After that, put the bottle on the bib. Do not forget to set the bottom of the bottle in front, because the bottom of the bottle will be used as the ‘flashlight’ for the DIY Tricycle Diaper Cake. Then, make sure that the bottle and the bib place in the right order and secured. Then, we go back to the arrangement of blanket in front wheel. Wrap the bottle with the blanket and do not forget to tie the blanket after that with a rubber band. Then, you can make the handle for the diaper cake with the both ends of the blanket. Take the baby socks and added the baby socks to the ends of the blanket. That will be the handle bars for the tricycle diaper cake. You can put another bib around the handle bars. To make it more wonderful, you can wrap a ribbon over the bottle; and it is done.

Now, you can take the tricycle diaper cake with you and bring the happiness to the event. Do not afraid to modify it with your own ideas. Surely, it will make your present even more incredible.

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