Family Handprint Tree for Family Project

Are you looking for an idea to decorate your room with family handprint tree? At the first glance, thinking about decoration seems like a simple thing, but it will become a hard thing to do when you want to get a perfect touch for the decoration. Some people might spend a lot of money only to decorate their rooms. It is also driven by the urge to impress other people. They tend to buy the things that look extravagant and a bit expensive than the other decorative things; whereas, you can have decorative furniture in cheaper prices or free. Cheap decoration for your room, who does not want that? All you need is to make something yourself and make sure that the decoration can be made by using some inexpensive things. One of the ideas that you can do is to make a family handprint tree.

What is it then? Is this the first time for you to hear that? Actually there are some people who have done this craft and you can see some of those decorative ornaments in the internet. They also share the tutorial and some tips on how to make it without pulling hard efforts. Eventually, some of them make use the making process as the occasion for gathering and spending time with their families. They can make the family handprint tree together and have fun. This is absolutely an alternative for spending weekend together with the family. Therefore, what do you need to start the decoration as the project? Well, here it is.

Things to have for making family handprint tree

family handprint tree

Of course, before you start to make the decoration, you need to do preparation. The preparation is included to find some materials for the ornament. First, you need a media to put the family handprint tree. There are two options that you can use for it. First, you can prepare a canvas for the drawing. Or, you can use poster board. Those two things are perfect to be used. You can just decide what kind of material that you can find easily or which one, among these two, is the cheapest? Because you do not spend a lot of money, didn’t you? And yes, it is important to note that when you buy either canvas or poster board, you check the canvas or the poster board about the measurement. You can put your own hands to see if the media can fit all the hand printings of your family. Okay, after you have decided the material, you can buy a frame for the decoration. This is considered as an optional choice. There are people who use the frame and some do not. However, it makes your drawing tree neater and you can hang it easily.

family handprint tree

Then, the next thing that you need to have is acrylic paints. It is very important that you choose this coloring tool to make the family handprint tree. It is because the acrylic is rather harmless to be used and in the top of that, you will need to put your bare hands for marking the handprint to the canvas or poster board, which makes it important to pick the coloring tool. The next things are the optional things that you can add in the process of the making. The first thing is pencil. You can use the pencil to draw a sketch for the tree before they start to color the tree. But, there are some people who do not need to use the pencil and just draw the tree on the canvas or the poster board. Next thing is a brown paint marker. While you can use brown color of acrylic paints, there are some others who want to use other coloring tool for the tree, such as this brown paint marker. The last thing is wet wipes. Yes, you need these wet wipes when the things start to get messy. Your kids must like the idea to touch their own clothes or faces after they have done making the decoration. The wet wipes help you to solve the issue. Well, now, you have the material and it is time to work on the ornament.

Things to do for making family handprint tree

family handprint tree

family handprint treefamily handprint tree

First is to gather your family. You need your family to make and start to prepare the materials once your family gathered. Then, you can start to make the sketch for the tree on the media that you have, whether it is canvas or poster board. Well, it is mentioned that you can just draw the tree without sketching it first. Yet, it is for the people whom have confidence in their drawing skills. If you are not, you’d better to outline the tree first. Okay, after you sketch the tree and the branches (do not forget to draw the branches), you can color the tree with brown acrylic paint or you can use the brown paint marker. Then, you need to let the color dry before you start for the next step. Well, so far, it is easy, right? You have already drawn the tree and you can make the handprints on the canvas or poster board soon. Then, you are sure that it is dried, take the acrylic paint and choose the colors that you want to have. You can also leave the choice to the family members to pick their own colors.

family handprint tree

Okay, you have colors then and spread the picked acrylic paints to separate sheet of paper, put your hand on it, and print your hand to the branches of tree. Here is an advice, it is better for the mom or dad to go first because you do not want to overlap your kids’ handprint. Besides, it will create a better look. Now, you have all the family member print their hands on the media, one thing you can do is let it dry. There is just some things to do make the project complete. You can put the DIY project to the frame and hang it on your room. Or you can add some words over the family handprint tree. It is all your choice and you must find it easy and cheap to make. You can also replicate the decoration 5 years later when your kids grow up. It must be nice to see the changing of their handprints.


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