Filling Helium Balloons at Home for Party and Experiment

People are always using balloons for decoration in party. Any kind of party. Filling Helium Balloons at Home never miss the chance to cheer up the atmosphere. Apparently, party without balloons cannot be considered as attractive party. Among them, floating balloons are the ones which look interesting. The balloons entice some people to get at them and somehow, people can be playful when there are some balloons around them. Then, you start to think that having balloons on your party can make the party lively than ever. But, then what can you do if you want to throw a party in your home? Can you filling helium balloons at home? Well, do not worry about it, dear. You can do it on your own without pulling much energy.

Filling Helium Balloons at Home by Renting a Tank of Helium

filling helium balloons at home

filling helium balloons at home

If you look harder in a party supplier’s store, you can find this thing in the store. Well, some people have done this thing and it will be quite handy for you to decorate the party in no time. Renting a tank of helium is also quite cheaper than if you are spending the money by filling the balloons in the supply store. Well, you can use your own energy for free, why don’t you take the chance? This is also quite helpful for you, so that you do not need to transport the helium balloons with your car and think that how troublesome to have those flying balloons in your car when you are driving to your home. That will be the problems that can be avoided when you rent a tank of helium. Then, what will you need for filling helium balloons at home with a tank of helium? First thing is definitely a helium tank which is mentioned previously. It can be found in the local party supply store and do not hesitant to ask about it. The next thing is balloons. Of course, you need balloons. Those balloons are the reason why you need to have the helium tank and yeah, make sure that the helium tank can fill all the balloons that you have. You do not want to run out of the gas while you are decorating your house with the balloons, right?

filling helium balloons at home

Ribbons are also perfect to make your floating balloons prettier. Well, who does not want to have a pretty balloon? You can put the ribbon on the balloon and make the color matched with the balloon. Well, simple thing can change something into prettier one. You just need to release your creativity in making the balloons eye-catching. Well, definitely, you need to have scissors. What else do you need to cut the ribbons? You need to have the scissors to make it. Then you need to prepare for the string. The string is used to get a hold of your balloon. Along with that, weight also needs to be prepared. You do not want your balloons get away from you before you start decorating the house with those, right? Then, do not forget these things the next time you are filling helium balloons at home. Okay, now, when you do your thing in beautifying the house, put your creative ideas about balloons and make sure that the balloons can be the things that enliven the party. Well, that is the thing that you can do when you want to fill the helium balloon at home for party. Now, do you know that this activity can be used as a small practical science for your kids? Well, you can try to this little experiment with your kids.

Filling Helium Balloons at Home and A Little Experiment for You and the Kids

Well, do you need about how baking soda and vinegar can make you float a balloon? This experiment has been around in the internet and you can use it as a thing to help your kids learn about chemical reaction. Well, you can call ‘Filling Helium Balloons at Home’ Project. This project eventually helps you to describe how vinegar and baking soda reaction can make a balloons floating. You just need to prepare some things for the experiment. As it is mentioned before, because it is a ‘balloon’ project, all you need is a balloon or some balloons. You need to have some spares if things do not work out as it is. Then, the vinegar and baking soda are also prominent materials for the experiments. Without these two things you cannot do the project. Next, you need to prepare for a bottle. Remember to use plastic bottle, because other kinds of bottle might give you different reaction and that will make your experiment failed. There are another optional material such funnel or straw. This thing is needed to enter the baking soda into the balloon and also spoon, for shoving the baking soda. Now, you all have the materials and let’s do it.

filling helium balloons at home

First things first, you need to make sure if there is no liquid in the plastic bottle. Another liquid will send a different reaction and you do not want that. After you make sure that it is dry, you can add the vinegar into the bottle. You need to use white vinegar for better result and you need to measure certain dosage for the vinegar. Next, fill the baking soda into the balloons. For this step, you can use funnel to make sure that the baking soda will not spill and remember, as the same as the vinegar, you also need to have certain dosage for the baking soda. Make sure you check about the dosage to make a perfect reaction. Then, when it is done, put the balloons over the top of the bottle and as soon as that, you will see that there is a reaction between the vinegar and the baking soda. It will release a hissed sound and slowly, the balloons will be filled by the gas that is the reaction between the vinegar and baking soda. It is easy, isn’t it? You do not have to spend much money and it will be your perfect ‘Filling Helium Balloons at Home’ experiment.


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