Find Out Why Hot Water Tank Leaking From Bottom

Hot water tank leaking from bottom may be an annoying trouble at home. Usually, many people also put this leaking accident into one of serious house problem. It may cause a danger if we let it for long time until you make a pool under the tank. Therefore, we need to know what makes this happen and how to solve it soon. In this article you may learn the cause and how to fix this especially when you are alone at home and need to find fast way.

Valve Problem Cause Hot Water Tank Leaking From Bottom

hot water tank leaking from bottom

Sometimes, when we find that the tank is leaking and releasing so much water, it can be caused by the valve. There is a valve near the bottom of the tank which is already made to release water in certain condition. If the water is already too hot, it may work on that time. Therefore, there is something wrong if the leak happens in long time without really stop. If it is not the valve fault, there might be internal problem of the tank which is related to the pressure. Inside the tank, the hot water will be processed in certain pressure so it might work well. But, if there are some leaks happen, there must something wrong. You may replace the valve with the new one or you can call the plumber who can help you in this case.

Tank Problem Causes Hot Water Tank Leaking From Bottom


If you do not find any leaks come from the valve, you may see on the tank itself. You can observe to the bottom part where the water can go out from the tank. Sometimes, the leak happens because of the tank which is not quite good to work. It might be caused by internal problem also where the pressure of the water may influence it. It can make the component of the tank broken or sprung. On the other hand, it may be also because there is material on bottom of the tank exactly inside the tank. It will form sediment that may make any crack to the tank and make it works badly. When it happens, the Hot water tank leaking from bottom will be started slowly until it makes bigger crack which is harmful. So, make sure that your leaking problem on the tank can be fixed as soon as possible.

Some Suggestions to Fix the Leaks

When you need precaution of any problem related to your leaking tanks, you can get it easily by having a guidance book for household problem. It may give you some information especially when it is related to your problem using some not working machines or even the problem of hot water leaking tank like this. You may also save some important contacts relating to household services to make sure you get faster solution if you are not able to handle it well. They will help you a lot and you can ask them what the causes and how to fix it.

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