Good and Bad: What Are Thermofoil Cabinets?

Came in term of interior design and furniture years back, the concept remains new for some people. What are thermofoil cabinets? Sure from the words you may assume that it has something to do about the temperature stagnation and cabinetry. Yep there it goes. Thermofoil cabinets are series of cabinetry made from the vinyl material. The vinyl is being heated to the point it molded over the medium density fiberboard (MDF) and continued to be used as the material to build the cabinets. Furniture made from the vinyl molded material is also known as engineered wood. There are the good and the bad about this engineered wood made furniture. What are those?

What are thermofoil cabinets and why is it good?

What are thermofoil cabinets

The best things that came along with the thermofoil cabinets are the durability that would pass more than a generation. It is said that not only being resistant to heat, moisture, and humidity, the engineered wood is also very easy to clean. We talk about the major dirt like ketchup, grease, and ink. The thermofoil cabinets are covered by the laminate part on the top of every particle of the cabinets that allow you to wipe up the surface from any dirt and keeps it clean even using the cleaner liquid. You do not ne to be afraid of the damage caused by the cleaning liquid since the laminate also keeps the surface of the cabinets.

Run up into the reason more and more people chose thermofoil cabinets is a little further than the answer of what are thermofoil cabinets, but more into the economical value comes with it. With the longer durability of material and the ease in cleaning, you must be sure that the maintenance of the cabinet is cheaper than real wooden cabinetry. If you use real wooden cabinetry you will need to layer it yourself with some coating paint to avoid it get rotten because of humidity and heat. That’s another why thermofoil cabinets are mostly found in kitchen and bathroom. As long as the laminate isn’t peeled off, your thermofoil cabinets are just fine.

What are thermofoil cabinets and what design comes with it?

When we talk about where the thermofoil cabinets normally put, which are kitchen and bathroom, the creativity and broad ideas of the cabinets become limited. But turns out it has never been a problem. Regardless where in the house you put the thermofoil cabinets, these pieces of engineered wood furniture can come in various range of color. Great for you who has a toddler and wonder what would be perfect for their room furniture. Thermofoil cabinets which come as playful design and great colors would make your kids area clean and vivid. We personally think it will be a good investment and ease your house chores when it comes to cleaning the mess that kids make, for example turning everything as canvas. Take a cleaning liquid and all be done. So still wonder what are thermofoil cabinets?