How to Hang Pictures without Damaging Walls And Make The Walls better

Home decoration is always very important to make your home interior look more interesting. One of the best ideas is to hang pictures. Besides simple, it also makes your home interior look amazing. You can also do that in any room such as living room bedroom family room, etc. However, it should be done carefully to prevent damaging wall. Therefore, you have to know how to hang pictures without damaging walls. To do that, you should follow these tips below.

Checking the Wall Condition

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Firstly, you have to check the condition of the wall that you want to use to hang pictures. You have to make sure that the wall condition is still good enough to be nailed. If the wall condition is too weak, the risk of the damaged wall will be higher. In fact, there are many people who do not care about it. You should pay attention to this carefully. Anyway, it is the first tip how to hang photos without damaging walls.

Measuring at Eye-Level

Before you hang the pictures on the wall, you have to plan where the pictures will be hung. The most important thing is to measure the height. Whatever the height, you have to apply the nails on the wall at the eye-level. If it is too high for you, you can use a chair or a ladder to help you. At the eye level, you can nail the wall easily so that it minimizes the risk of damaging walls. That is why it is considered as one of the tricks how to hang pictures without destructing walls.

Using the Right Tools

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The next tip how to hang pictures without damaging walls is to use the right tools. It means that you must use the nails with the right size depending on the pictures you want to hang. You cannot use too small nails for big pictures, or vice versa. Besides the nails, you also must use the right hammer. Make sure that the hammer you use is ideal for the nails you want to use. With the right tools, you can nail the walls rightly and the wall will not be damaged. Then you can hang the pictures safely.

Applying Pictures with Proper Weight

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How heavy are the pictures you will hang on the wall? It is very important to consider. How to hang photos without destructing walls also relates to the picture weight. Make sure that the pictures are not too heavy and big to prevent damaging wall. Too big and heavy pictures can also damage the nails used. It is commonly caused by the frames that are too heavy.

Hanging Pictures Rightly

After everything is prepared well, you must apply the nails and pictures on the wall rightly. You have to know how to knock the nails onto the wall using a hammer rightly. It also relates to the position of the nails. Make sure that the nails are embedded in the wall securely. That is all how to hang pictures without damaging walls.

Description: How to hang pictures without damaging walls can be done with these tips. If you do it rightly, you can hang pictures safely.