How To Anodize Aluminum Tips And Tricks

Knowing how to anodize aluminum, it means you can increase the lifespan of the aluminum significantly. Not to mention it makes the aluminum looks new within many years ahead. Anodize the aluminum, you add layer or coat the element to make it weather resistant. Basically, anyone can anodize aluminum at home because surprisingly , the anodizing procedures aren’t that complicated though you have paying attention toward your safety as some materials are dangerous if you mistreat them.  Suggestion for you, in case this is the first time you anodize aluminum, you can start the project from a tiny piece of aluminum.

How To Anodize Aluminum And Its Preparations

As you want to know how to anodize aluminum, the next thing to figure out is that thing that you need to accomplish the project including plastic, degreaser product, cloth dye, lye, battery acid, power supply, aluminum wire, long lead cathodes, distilled water, rubber gloves, baking soda, and part of aluminum alloy metal. When you have anything that you need on hand, immediately, you can proceed the aluminum allow metal. Remember that some materials like battery acid is dangerous, so use proper protection for your own safety. In addition, ensure the place where you want to anodize the metal is well-ventilated. For stater, do you know how to clean anodized aluminum? To clean the anodized aluminum, first, you have to clean it with water and soap. Afterward, take the degreaser and cloth to wipe the surface of the metal.

And lastly, make a mixture of 3.8l distilled water and 44ml of lye, so then you can rest the aluminum approximately 3 minutes. Next step of how to anodize aluminum is that you need to prepare the anodizing bath. Prepare the plastic tub, and in order to prevent the spills during the anodizing process use something like thick cloth under the tub. Grab a tiny wood and wrap the aluminum part on there after you wire its first with aluminum wire. Test beforehand whether the aluminum part soaks properly prior you mix one part battery acid to one part distilled acid. Set the power supply on after everything is prepared. Pour the dye cloth to the anodizing bath after you mix it with distilled water. Heat the mixture between 37 degree to 67 degree Celsius. Switch off the power supply therefore you can remove the metal part.

Final Steps Of How To Anodize Aluminum 

 how to anodize aluminum

Finish removing the metal part from anodizing bath, rinse it using distilled water, and then soak it again into warm dye liquid which you prepare beforehand. Let the aluminum part stays in there for about 15 minutes. While you are waiting, boil the distilled water. Finally, remove the metal part, and soak it again to the boiled distilled water. Let it rests in there approximately 30 minutes. Remove it when you are done and  be careful for the hot temperature of the metal part. Keep in mind, substance that you use to anodize the aluminum is toxic material, so be sure to avoid re-using cups or measure spoons, for instance, for foods.