How to Choose the Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain Side Sleepe

The importance of the best mattress for lower back pain side sleeper becomes even clearer when statistics show that more than 80% of populations report pain and discomfort at their back—be it upper, middle, or lower area—after waking up from sleep in the morning. The American Chiropractic Association reports that up to 60% of people suffer from sleep disorders and a lot of them have something to do with the recurring backaches. Trouble sleeping, in turn, will affect life in many ways that perhaps take a lot to tackle.

best mattress for lower back pain side sleeper

Discomfort, or even pain, stems from incorrect type mattress used when sleeping. Of course, that is only one of the possible culprits. But when someone uses a mattress that caters to one’s need of having comfortable supports, at least one of the troublemakers is taken out of the equation already. When people lie on their mattress, their body will undergo shifts according to the surface.

Since side sleepers sleep on their, well, sides, their body will develop so much pressure points that the alignment among spine, neck, and the back will disrupted. The risks do not manifest in an instance but prolonged misalignment will lead to problems, lower back pain being one of them.

The best mattress for lower back pain side sleeper, therefore, is needed to eliminate these risks. The least it can do is perhaps offering a sleeper a way to alleviate the pain and discomfort. If you are one of those who sleep on your sides, and ultimately suffer from pain in the lower back, you need to keep in mind that this is a common complaint that should be easy to tackle and is completely unnecessary if only you had used the proper mattress. So, how to get one that works for you, what with so many mattresses to choose from?

Below is the buying guide that may help you ease your research.

best mattress for lower back pain side sleeper

  1. Spinal support

Support should be maximal for your spine. How? A good mattress is one that fully supports your body while maintaining the line across your neck, shoulder, and the entire back. If the surface completely meets your body, but some areas are pressed up, it’s not good. Conversely, if between your body and the surface are gaps, it’s not good either. So find a mattress that covers the entire surface of your body perfectly and does keep your spine in straight always.

  1. Firmness

Mattress’ firmness is one of the issues that may aggravate your lower back pain. Too soft a mattress will contribute to making it worse as soft surface doesn’t hold your body up enough that you will sink down the mattress; your body weight will accumulate at the lowest point within this curving surface. Too firm, then you risk creating more pressure points.

There’s just no surefire way to tell which mattress is perfect for a side sleeper. Personal requirements and the degree of lower back pain play into determining one that you should.

  1. Materials

It’s easy to overlook this aspect. But consider buying the best mattress for lower back pain side sleeper that uses memory foam as its material, for memory foam can offer support for your spine as well as conform to your body’s contour

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