How to Decorate Clay Flower Pot Man, People and Person

If you are a person who likes to do gardening, working in a gardening field, or simply like to have a little decoration in your yard clay flower pot man, then you will surely be very familiar with the clay or terracotta pot. A small to medium size of planting media you can easily purchase in a home depo or gardening store. If you are a typical “do it yourself” person, then making your own clay pot is something interesting and challenging to do. Compare to any DIY like building your own pergola, or maybe building a dog house, making a flower pot from clay needs more than just a patient but also skill. Yet today we will only talk briefly on how to make the clay flower pot by ourselves, we will focus on how to make the clay flower pot man, people and person add to how to make terracotta pot becomes more interesting, catchy, and surely can be the darling of your garden.

All about clay flower pot man, people and person

clay flower pot man, people and person

First of all we have at least 3 ways in making a simple terracotta pot. How are those?

  1. Ring over ring

The first way to make the clay pot is by using the technique that we call ring over ring. This isn’t very technical but it does seem like that, and if you are trying to remember how to make things from scratch, you will need to remember the easiest way to understand it. So now we have the clay, shape it into small rolls with few different lengths. Let’s say we have the longest to make the base, then starting from 10, 13, 15 and more centimeters long. The purpose to add different roll is because the longer roll will be places on the top of the shorter roll allowing the looks as pot with smaller base and wider top.

First you roll the longest roll enough to make the base. It should be sticking to every side like a snake making itself round. We sure you understand. Then the first shortest roll comes right on the top of the snake roll as a ring around the edge. The little longer roll comes right after as a ring too. All set up together to the last ring. Then you can reshape the rolls into flat clay pot wall side and then dry them under the sun. Having to make this ring over ring slay pot is good deal when you want to make. Because this specific design of clay pot can make any size you desire and that’s what exactly clay flower pot man needs; many size of clay pots.

  1. Thumb pot

Thump pot can be said as the children pot that everyone can make. It might not look very pretty in the beginning until you smooth it a bit on the side and then flatten the inside part of the clay pot. Anyway, how we start? First you need to make big rounded clay by your hand and once it is rounded enough, you can push the center of the clay by using your thumb. This will straight up making the simple look of the pot. Then you need to bigger the “hole” you made by your thumb and then shape the clay into a pot shape. It will not be looking like clay pot you see in the gardening store. Flattening and shaping the clay is fun and you can add accent like the “ears” of the pot and things like that to be used as the clay pot man plan.

This way of making a pot can work very well if you are making a small to medium size pot, but if you want to make the bigger pot, it will be rather difficult to make a big pot and starting just by a single thumb hole. This will be a perfect way to make hands or legs material of the clay flower pot man, people and person.

  1. Spinning table

This is the most sophisticated way to make a clay pot out of the three ways we are talking about right now. This requires you to have the spinning table and the patient to try again and again with the spinning table and the clay because it is not as easy as the tutorial we see in YouTube. It takes your hand skill and fast move. So if you are a clay crafter, make sure this works for you will be great, you can create further than just a pot. You can make vas, plate, bowl, and many more. Probably you could even build. But if you aren’t experienced with clay spinning table yet still want to try your luck, it is okay for fun. Beginners luck can be great. But otherwise you can always turn back to two others way or simply purchase the pot in a gardening shop.

Now after learning three simple ways to make a clay pot, we will learn what it takes to build. It is simple and not too expensive. You just need some clay pot in different sizes. Let’s say a dozen of 6 inches pots for the hands, a dozen of 8 inches pots for the legs, one 12 inches pot for the head and one 10 inches pot for the head where you will also plant the flowers. You will also need strong wire, wire cutter and Styrofoam.

First set the leg and hands with the strong wire with some inches of Styrofoam stuck into the wire to give space from a pot to another so the hands or legs will seem to be a bit longer without using too many pots. Then this hands and legs should be stick to the “body part” that we sit on the ground upside down. You can use the wire to stick them all together tight. The last pot shall be places on the top of the body as the head of the clay flower pot men, people and person.

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