5 Creative Room Decors: How to Decorate Your Room with Handmade Things?

You don’t have to confuse yourself when you need to decorate your own room, you know. You don’t even need to spend that much money to do so. All you need to do is to put creativity into it by using all sorts of things around you. Then, how to decorate your room with handmade things? Let us give you some suggestions here that you might take a liking to. They sure are as easy as you can imagine.

1st Room Decor – Printable Wall Photo Mural

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Many people would opt to paint their room walls whenever they find it boring to look at any longer. However, there is a lot of work to do to paint the walls, let alone the budget to spend to buy cans and cans of paint. So, instead, we suggest you opt for printable wall photo mural. Decorating your room wall with photomural like this is the cheap and fast way to change the room’s mood. It can even help make the room look larger too.

2nd Room Decor – Headboard for More Look

ana white first project reclaimed wood look queen headboard pertaining to Headboard for More Look

You have simple, standard bed in your room? No worries! You can always give more look at it with things around you. Look for thick cardboard, draw headboard pattern however you like, and cut it. Look for patterned fabric and cover the headboard earlier with it. Have it installed on your bed and you are done with it. Now, wouldn’t it look luxurious instead? Room decoration with handmade things like this can be really amazing, indeed.

3rd Room Decor – Wastebasket for the Table

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One of the ideas of how to decorate your room with handmade things also includes the use of wastebasket as well. If you have it lying around with no use at all, you can grab it and give it new look by spraying paint with the color you want. Turn it upside down and put it beside your sofa and it will serve as a side table. Putting it beside bed will make it serve as nightstand too. It saves you the money to buy the real furniture, for sure.

4th Room Decor – Washi Tape for the Frame

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You know photos are meant to be put inside a frame and hang on the wall, right? Well, actually this is not always the case. Sure, it is the most proper way, but it does not mean that there has never been any alternative for it. So, here, we suggest you change the frame with washi tape instead. Stick the photos on the wall and frame them with colorful tape. This should make a simple but nice way of how to decorate room wall with DIY things.

5th Room Decor – Potted Plants on Tables

the potting table stonegable within Potted Plants on Tables

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One thing that people always include in-home design together with all crafted furniture and décors would be none other than some plants for a touch of nature inside. This simple touch can always turn the mood better, making it look and feel fresher somehow. For room though, we suggest you put small potted plants. These little decors should be cute and fresh to look at. These are the ways how to decorate your room with handmade things.

Description: How to decorate your room with handmade things? You just need to use what lying around you, tweak it a bit, and put it to good use inside the room.