Inspirations And Ideas On How To Make Metallic Epoxy Floors

Why do you should consider metallic epoxy floors? It is because floors with metallic epoxy caters many benefits not only for business owners, but also homeowners. Floor that is coated with metallic epoxy floor paint is extremely durable. It even can stand chemical substance.

It used to be part of garage floor or showroom. However since it has unique design and various option, it becomes popular among homeowners as well. Epoxy metallic floors give such a three dimensional effect to the room. In addition, it reflect the lights perfectly which makes this kind of flooring is worst to mention for small size. It is not necessary to have epoxy floor for the entire room, though you can do it that way if you want. A plus when it comes to metallic epoxy floor is that, you get not only durability, but also affordability.

Metallic Epoxy Floors Benefits

Even though you can do the project by your own and in some degree the application of metallic epoxy floors are not that complicated. If you are unsure, consider professional help to do the project. Another thing that makes this kind of floor is great is that despite it becomes best investment for your home, it comes in some options that you can choose based your home decor.

For instance, if need epoxy metallic floor for bathroom you can choose such a color that blends seamlessly to the bathroom decor. Not to mention, this kind of floor is so versatile as you can install it for the basement, kitchen, living room, and more.

How To Proceed Metallic Epoxy Floors

Whether you want to proceed the metallic epoxy floors by your own or you prefer to hand over the job to professional, get yourself information toward epoxy metallic installation caters you benefit.  There are some steps to follow. Nevertheless ensure that you not only put into account written instructions, but also videos. After you decide the color for the base coat, prepare the floor. Before the application of the base coat the floor should be clean from any dust and debris. The surface should be solid as well. When you are sure there is nothing that will ruin the final result of the epoxy metallic floor installation, then you can apply the base coat. Wait for some time until the surface is dry to continue the next step.

metallic epoxy floors

There is probability that the debris and dust are still there even after you clean it. So then you need to confirm one more time its cleanness using sanding screen (100 grit). Next thing is all about mixing and also applying the 3D metallic reflective coating. Pay attention toward what you wear for safety reason. In addition, ensure that you can properly mix and apply the metallic coat onto the floor. Final touch to have the highly durable epoxy floor that is very easy to clean is that you need to seal the floor, and then screen the surface of the floor with sanding screen to steer away dust and debris. That way the floor can last for many years in the future.

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