Light Up Your Christmas with Christmas Tree with Fruit

Christmas will be in town sooner than we think! It will be the time for us to gather with family, friends, and the loved ones in a Christmas party. When we have a Christmas party, the thing that we want to highlight will be the decoration. We want it to be perfect and we want to make our guests amaze with our decoration Christmas tree with fruit. Well, as for Christmas decoration, we know what things to do from preparing a warm and cozy fireplace with festive decoration, creating a fancy look in our windows, even to put some greenish garlands in the doorways. All the way is to make a great impression of Christmas party.

 Christmas tree with fruit

Then, when it comes with the Christmas tree, it is common for us to think that the Christmas tree will be a splendid and tall pine with colorful decoration where there are many gifts piled up under tree. But, what about to put an edible Christmas tree in your dining table? Well, it seems impossible for the first time. But, actually there are many people have done this and what they have made for the Christmas tree is Christmas for tree with fruit.

Pay attention to steps on Christmas Tree with Fruit

First step:

When we want to make a Christmas for tree with fruit, of course the first thing we should find the ingredients for it and that will be the fruits. Well, for buying the fruits, we need to select some appropriate fruits. We do not want to ruin our Christmas tree for using the fruits that cannot be used as the decoration. So, first things first are that you need to pick the right fruits for the decoration and see if the fruits are fresh enough to be made as a decoration. The easiest way to pick fruits is to find some guidelines from some Do-It-Yourself done by many people. They usually put some ideas around internet and it is okay to peek a little about the fruits that they have used.

Second step:

Well, some of them are using different types of fruits, but from those tutorials, it seems that they usually have a carrot as the stake from the Christmas tree. The carrot is usually pretty tall, but it is also important to see if the carrot will be solid to be the stake of the Christmas tree. Some people also add apple to be the base of the Christmas tree. They cut the apple a bit to make a straight foundation then, make a hole in the apple for the carrot. After that, they will toothpicks to attach the carrot to the apple. For the toothpicks, it is important for you to prepare many toothpicks because to make Christmas tree with on fruit, it means that we need the support of those toothpicks to attach the fruits to the carrot.

Another fruit that you use for the base of the Christmas tree with fruit is pineapple. Before you begin to attach the fruits into the pineapple, you need to cut the ends off and peel off all the skin. Well, after cutting the skin, try to make the pineapple stand and check if you need to trim the pineapple to get a good base. As same as carrot, you can add another fruit to make a good stake. For pineapple, it seems best to attach pear on the top of it. But, you need to make sure if the pear will fit with the pineapple. You probably need to trim some to make a great stake for the Christmas tree.

Third step:

Okay, once we have the stake, now it is time to be creative. And yes, before you start to decorate your Christmas tree with on fruit, do not forget to wash those fruits beforehand. It is important to do this; you are not the only one who will have the feast with the Christmas tree, don’t you? Well, after you have washed the fruits, you can start to create the Christmas tree. For the fruits, there are some recommended fruits that you can use for the Christmas tree with fruit, such as strawberry, tangerine, grape, kiwi, blackberries, watermelon, and raspberries. You can try to make some cute forms out of those fruits. Maybe you cut some of those fruits to be love-shaped fruit or you can try another form when you are pretty confident with your cutting skill. Well, now, it is the time to have fun. Invite your kids or friends to attach the fruits into the stake. Do not forget to use toothpicks for attach the fruits. You can put the fruits randomly or you can have neat lines of fruits. It is all up to you and the thing is you can have fun creating the Christmas tree. After you have done piling up the fruits into the stake, the only thing that you need to do is to make a star out of the fruits. In making it, we need to use star-shaped cookie cutter and it is preferable if your cutter is made of metal because plastic cutter is pretty hard to cut the fruit. Well, for the star, you can use pineapple, melon, watermelon, even persimmon. They are all good to be the star on the top of the Christmas tree.

Now, you can present a nice and edible Christmas tree in your dining table. In fact, the Christmas free can be a perfect presentation for appetizers. Both children and adults will love to eat the Christmas tree and it can raise the festive atmosphere in the party. The Christmas tree will be a hit around the party and the plus point is the fruits are healthy to eat. The Christmas tree will be memorable and missed around the Christmas party. The Christmas tree can also be a good gift for your family or friends whom are hosting the Christmas party. They will be surprised that you come to their house, bringing a Christmas tree with fruit. They surely remember the gift as a pleasant surprise. Well, you are happy, your family is pleased, and your friends are delighted. The Christmas party will not only be an event to gather with everyone, but to share happiness with others.

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