Look No Further to Tie the Knot: Fingerprint Ring

When it comes to a wedding, and not just a wedding, but a very special and customized wedding for special couple, what can be better than a fingerprint ring? Wedding has a lot to do with more than just a ring. It surely requires your commitment to be together, big family planning, and the party eventually. But talking about the symbol of love, unification, and commitment, let’s dig it up into the customized and personified wedding ring where you would have a trace of your partner’s fingerprint!

Love Story to Fingerprint Ring

fingerprint ring

We have heard a lot of story about the beautiful wedding ring and some further step like putting a drop of your partner’s blood into the ring. Well we are not going that far, we will learn from Mary and Tim from the US on how they customized their wedding ring so that they have each other’s fingerprint on the inner part of their wedding ring. Mary and Tim decided that they would like to use the service offered by Mika and Scott, a couple from Europe who are dedicated to make a personified wedding ring. Given the distance, the measuring of the couple’s fingerprint cannot be done directly.

So then Mika and Scott sent them molding putty to scan their fingerprints and be the blueprint of the inner part of the wedding ring. The molding putty was combined together be put on their finger gently before their wait for two minutes getting the putty to firm and dry. After that, Mary and Tim took it off and flatten them and stick them face down on a paper, ready to be sent back to Germany to form their fingerprint ring.

Extra work of Bride Fingerprint Ring

Bride Fingerprint Ring

The work for the fingerprint ring for the groom is simple as it will be normal band, while the bride, who is Mary, hoping that her ring would appear as a little bit contour so it would fit with her engagement ring and that she could wear it together. So, given this extra work, the jewelry craftsman needed more molding sample of Mary’s engagement ring and the top of it to be able to make the perfect custom contour wedding ring for her. To make the prototype of the engagement ring, they use the silicone putty mold kit and casting kit that is easy to find in craft store, and after that you wait a little longer than the mutty for finger prints which only took 2 minutes. This one took up to 30 minutes given the size and the firmness required to make the ring prototype. The further step is to box back the fingerprints, engagement ring prototype and let the magic works for their very special wedding ring. The ring for Tim appears to be a bit thicker than Mary’s with a print of each other’s finger while Mary’s ring is rather contour and fit her engagement ring together. So that’s how it worked for romantic unusual project of beautifully custom wedding ring.