How to Make a Christmas Wreath from Scratch Easily

Christmas is getting closer. So, you have to prepare to celebrate it properly. One of the ways to celebrate Christmas is by creating a Christmas wreath. This can be made on your own. You should not always buy it so that you can save money. Therefore, in this article, we will share the tips how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch.

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Why Should It Be from Scratch?

Christmas wreath can be made from different materials. However, we recommend you to make it from scratch. Besides easy, this will also be affordable because you do not need to spend much money. This will be a great and beautiful homemade Christmas wreath for your unforgettable Christmas. Therefore, you have to know how to create a Christmas wreath from scratch.

What to Prepare for Creating a Christmas Wreath

Before we talk about the detailed steps, you need to prepare some materials and tools. You will need the following preparations that include florist’s wire, fake or fresh springs of foliage, twine, ribbons, and decorations. After preparing them all, you can make your own Christmas wreath. Then, you can follow these steps by steps how to make a scratch Christmas wreath.

Firstly, you need to make the base. You can use a wire ring whether it is the thick wire or metal coat hanger. Then, bend it into a circle. After that, get some twines to blind anything to the base. It will be better than using glue. Secondly, how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch requires you to decorate it. If you love the traditional decoration, it will be a good idea to use red lush with some ribbons and roses. If you prefer modern decoration, we recommend you to consider glittery lights and sparkly baubles. Alternatively, you can make a garden themed wreath which uses various cones and berries.

Second, The next step how to create a scratch Christmas wreath is to attach the stems. Start it by securing foliage stems or flower to the base with lightweight floral wire. Add the steps to the base is covered fully. Then, wrap the twine around the tie and stems. You need to cut away extra string if you want. Next, you need to add the decoration. Decorating Christmas wreath is not that easy. You can attach twine to decorate it. Besides that, you can also add loops to baubles or other touches. You may also need to tie them on the Christmas wreath. Now, you can see how chic it is.

Third, Lastly, you need the finishing. In this last step, you need to wrap your DIY Christmas wreath so that it will look really fantastic. What you need to do is to tie some pieces of ribbon to the Christmas wreath. It adds extra texture. You can also add some raffia to bring a garden theme. That is all how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch. Now, it is your turn to practice these guides at home.

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Description: How to make a Christmas wreath from scratch can be done easily at home. After preparing everything, you can follow the steps described here.