Make DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table for a Day

Coffee table is one of the furniture that highlights a living room. Many people have displayed the coffee table in such attractive ways. Some people buy the coffee table in store and some others try to make their own coffee table. Well, that is not a new idea. Many people had come even with the better idea for DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table. In addition, they can spend less money than the people who have bought the coffee table from stores. To Do-It-Yourself coffee table seems interesting, indeed. You can put your own imagination about how your coffee table decorated your living room and all you need is some efforts and (maybe) lesser money for making the coffee table. One of the ideas that attract many people recently is DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table.

Wine crate is usually considered as garbage and useless. Yet, wine crate can be used to make some furniture. The structure of the wine crate is actually good for making furniture. Some people have used wine crate for making fence or coffee table. The solid composition of wine crate makes it perfect to be re-created as a coffee table and here is the process of making DIY wine or crate coffee table:

DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table Step By Step

diy wine crate coffee table

Find the material and tools for the coffee table

Fortunately, DIY wine crate coffee table only needs several goods and tools; and it is easy to find. Also, most of them is cheaper than you have to. First, get the wine crate. That is super easy to get. There are many disposal wine crates around the neighborhood and all you need is to look at it. Maybe you can find some through Craiglist or you can contact wine store near your house. Oh yes, you need four wine crate to make the coffee table. Second thing is paint. You choose what kind of color that you want to use for the coffee table. Usually people choose for darker color, but it is okay to use lighter color. Then, you need a sand paper. This is needed to make the surface of the wine crate smooth. There is also optional material. You can get one additional wine crate for the base of the coffee table. The next thing is to get your carpentry kit. Then, you are ready to make your own coffee table.

diy wine crate coffee table

Make DIY wine crate coffee table

Okay, now it is the time to work! First thing to do is to get your sandpaper and scrub the wine crate. You need to do this thoroughly because you do not want your future coffee table to have a bad surface. Make sure that you observe the wine crate carefully. Then, after you check the wine crate and you are sure that it has a smooth surface, you can paint the coffee table. Well, as mentioned before, you can choose any paint you like. You even can choose more than one or two paint for the coffee table. All you need is to be creative. After you paint the coffee table, you can let the paint dry for some moment; then you are ready to go the next step.

diy wine crate coffee table

After you painted the wine crate, you can assemble the wine crates. You can share the wine crates into two parts. For the first part, you can assemble two wine crates into one part for the coffee table; and you can also do the same thing for the second part. There is an important thing to note is when you assemble the two wine crates, make sure that the open side is facing the outward because the open side can be used as drawer. Some people use glue to assemble the two wine crates and some others use nails to make it assembled. It is your choice. Then, after you have two parts of wine crates for the coffee table. Also, for the people who add an additional wine crate for the foundation. You can cut the wine crate to make it suitable for the base. Either you can make feet from the wine crate or you can cut the bottom of the wine crate for the base. Again, it is all yours.

diy wine crate coffee table

Then, you can assemble two parts of the wine crates into one part and you are almost done! The coffee table has gotten in shape! You just need some trivial matters to add to make it perfect. First, DIY wine crate coffee table usually leave a bit space in the middle of the coffee table. You can use the space for some additional items, such as mirror or vase or some other additional items. You can also use the space to keep something or it can be used as additional drawer for things. The next thing you can do is to assemble the additional wine crate to the bottom of the coffee table. This will be applied as the base of the coffee table and can make your coffee table more attractive.

Well, that is the end of tutorial. Now, you can put the DIY wine crate coffee table to your living room and admire the appearance of the coffee table. You can have a new coffee table for less money. Eventually, you can make another coffee table for another room with the wine crate. You can add some decorative things for the coffee table. One of the examples of the additional items for DIY wine crate coffee table is to add the wheels in the bottom of the coffee table. It will make the coffee table moveable. In addition, you can boast the coffee table to your family and friends. Also, you can share your knowledge to them and encourage them to make the coffee table from wine crate. Well, there are many benefits that they can feel through making their own coffee tables. Aside wine crate, there are many DIY coffee tables that can be made. You just need to look further and modify those things to make your very own coffee tables. Surely, your guests will find it fascinating.

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