Paper Bag Floor Durability for Patterned Floor

Feeling a little bored of your normal floor at home? Maybe you can try the paper bag floor and see how great the paper bag floor durability works in your house. We understand that house is very personal and bring so much ideas and mood to the people who live inside it, so regardless what part brings you most comfort, you should make the best out of it, for example in this article we will discuss about the floor. Paper bag floor is not a usual trick indeed. Many would stay with the softened cement floor or the ceramic tiles at home, well, maybe some bricks for slightly Mediterranean style. Now we will learn some DIY project of paper bag floor done by a mother foAr her son’s room.

Preparation for Good Paper Bag Floor Durability

paper bag flooring

Ashley is a mother of a boy that was keen to make her son’s room to look fresh and different and she already decided that major changes that she would pull out is the flooring. She learnt that flooring is not so difficult ye a delicate work for those who are quite new to this field. She decided to so paper bag flooring. First of all she prepared some material such as: a roll of brown paper that you could but in Home Depot; a big gallon of Elmers glue; Oil based stain, she was using Minwax; and water based floor plolyurethane. She also suggested using 9’ Shur Line deck pad to mop up the final touch of the floor.

On the first stage what she did was taking off the trim of the floor. But this stage isn’t necessary if you do not mean to change the trim. Taking of trim helps you to stick the paper bag better to the edge of the floor. After that you should mop the floor and leave it real dry before you start any further step, as some say it may affect the paper bag floor durability. After that you can continue to tear down the paper bag into shape that looks like a rock, let’s say around 12 inches diameter according to Ashley’s experience in this project. Be careful to stick the same side of the paper all the time, because when you work with paper sometimes the other side has different surface and it will cause the zebra looking floor when you finish polishing the floor. Make a sign of which one up and which one down to help you.

Paper Bag Floor Durability and Staining

After this step finished, you can continue to mix the glue and water with 50:50 percentage and apply to the floor in small area while you start placing the paper. Try to flatten the paper to avoid any bubble inside, work from inside to outside. Remember that paper tend to shrink when it dry, so put enough amount of overlapping paper to avoid weird pattern on your floor. After it gets dry in few days, polish it with stain and then poly few layers to get a result of shinny old rocky floor and long paper bag floor durability.