Paperbag Flooring Isn’t Too Hard! Want a Prove?

Many people who are quite new to this flooring idea might have had some thought, “why do you do paperbag flooring? Isn’t it hard to stick a piece of paper over and over again on the floor?” Well, that one doesn’t happen one time to many of us, especially those who apparently didn’t get the expected result from paper bag flooring project that they do. But it doesn’t mean doing paper bag flooring is really a rocket science! Indeed it needs attention and patience to do.

Which DIY Paperbag Flooring Project I Should Follow?

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There are many DIY project of paperbag flooring that is available in internet, and this number is just keep growing every day. But which one should I follow? There are pretty much the same basic on doing paper bag flooring, but we would suggest you very much to find the project that is most similar to your situation, e.g.: floor condition, purpose of the flooring, availability of the material, and style. When you decided to lay paper on your floor and start working, you can read as much as possible before starting the project so you have broader knowledge of how things work, what to avoid, and how to get it done soon. We are surely agree that time can be tricky to work with especially if you have kids and regular job.

Material of Paperbag Flooring

First of all we should prepare some tools and material we will need for this project, such as:

  • Paper bags. You have two options, to collect the paper bag which will benefits you different shades of color and less budget, or you can buy a roll of brown paper to use for more unified pattern and color. Remember to face them on the same position.
  • Elmer’s School Glue (White glue). This glue will be combined with water when you are about to apply it. 1:2 for glue and water if you work with concrete floor. Different flooring material base will have different ratio of glue and water.
  • Polyurethane, to polish the floor after finish.
  • Tape, and
  • You can use the old one; we do not need the new one for this project.

What you can do first is to get ready with the paper. If you happen to buy the paper roll, then it would be great for you to tear it apart in certain similar size, but don’t need to be exact at all then try to crumble them. Some people like this natural rustic looks on the floor, which resemble it more to a rock, but some prefer to have the normal plain paper as it would be easier to stick them down and avoid room for air between the wrinkles.

After finish sticking the paper on the floor with the help of the glue and water mixture you can wait for a day or two to make it dry and continue to layer it with Polyurethane. Maybe do 3-5 layers. It should be fine to really hold the paper and result a good and shinny looks of your paperbag flooring.


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