Simple Recessed Wall Niche Decorating Ideas

There was time when recessed wall niche decorating ideas were a thing and adding it to your house when you build it, simply adds the aesthetic and classic feels to your home, while there are time when the wall niche is simply baffling; not a go to design at home. The two situations where wall niche is taken place cannot avoid you from having one when you purchase an already build hose from the previous owner. The problem is not how to decorate the wall niche if you love wall niche, but the problem we try to solve is not to decorate wall niche for people who is simply in between; not really sure if they hate it, but quite sure that they don’t want to see it in their living space.

recessed wall niche decorating ideas

Yet first of all we got to know, what is actually recessed wall niche? The wall niche, according to an interior designer, it is normally found in the entrance area where it has a very high ceiling or in the living room just above the fire place. Now then, what is the purpose of wall niche? Turns out it is used as great feature to break up a very large wall or a very high wall up to the ceiling. As we said earlier that for some people the era of recessed wall niche decorating ideas was once so in style that it added value to the house. But these days when you bought a house and found a wall niche while you are not anywhere close of being a fan of this feature, you should keep reading because we will give you some simple tips on decorating the wall niche that you don’t really get the purpose.

Easy Steps for Recessed Wall Niche Decorating Ideas

recessed wall niche decorating ideas

First. Reconstruct the wall. No we are not joking, for some people, they actually have this imagination comes from seeing the wall niche that reminds them to sacred semi mysterious image especially if the niche is located on a hallway. And that’s not something weird, everyone has their own fears. Therefore for this reason that you prefer the niche stop baffling you when you walk by, reconstruct the wall and make it plain wall. If the reason of recessed wall niche is to break the large wall, after reconstruction you can play creative by placing some painting, family pictures, or book shelf. You can also put some open lockers for everyone keeping their music collection or just some extra relaxing candles. The locker decoration ideas are numerous, you’ll find something fits.

recessed wall niche decorating ideas

Other recessed wall niche decorating ideas is to deal with the niche and try to decorate it with a piece of art, contemporary one is better. It would outweigh the classic look of the niche. Last time we bumped into this beautiful wooden goddess figure that is well crafted which we think would pop up in the recessed wall niche. But if you happen to be antique collector, why not using the space to showcase your collection?

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