Small Ensuite Bathroom Design Ideas

Being in a limited space for your ensuite bathroom? You have no worries because we will help you to take inspiration from some small ensuite bathroom design ideas. To have a privacy of ensuite bathroom is very important for some people, yet sometimes the living space doesn’t provide enough and even it doesn’t give your much chance to be creative and explore your own style in your very personal bathroom. Even though with all the small living space and the limited bathroom area, we can always find something to suit your need. Here we have over couples of ensuite bathroom ideas which not only looking lavish, but also simple, modern, and surely fit the situation in your house.

small ensuite bathroom design ideas

One most important about making the small room looks big is to eliminate the boxy and fragmented feel you get by differentiate the surface of each side. Using the same surface cover for the floor, wall, and up to the furniture and even to the ceiling. It can be using the same kind of tiles you use to fill the floor up to the wall, or using the same palette color and schemes to pain the room. Small bathroom requires more planning and a little bit of bravery to try new things and if it works with the whole decoration. Now we will come to the prototype of some small ensuite bathroom design ideas to your inspiration.

Wallpaper statement in ensuite bathroom

small ensuite bathroom design ideas

Working with the small size bathroom, many people will be afraid to use the wallpaper, because using the patterned wallpaper will just allow more cramping situation in the small size bathroom. It rather makes the room looks smaller and stuffier. But this has been taken down by the design brought by John Lewis on its Cole & Son wallpaper with the image of some cranes. The pale beige background and the light pink color of the cranes doesn’t make the room turn into locked up bathroom. The compromise works well with the all white furniture from the bathroom door, sink, cabinetry, mounted rack behind the mirror and even the window frame, not to forget the toilet and bath tub. This small ensuit bathroom design ideas emerges the courage to still use the wallpaper regardless the small size only if you can combine it with the low profile color scheme and matching furniture coloring.

Pattern on the wall can also appear from the variety of material that you use. Example from one of the ensuite bathrooms, three walls are covered by same tiles as the floor, widening the surface of the same look which then seemingly broadens the view. While the one left wall is covered by semi natural rectangular rocks built up to the ceiling gives the accentuation to the bathroom as a bold statement and also adds natural touch. Natural touch in the bathroom you can find mainly in the oriental or Japanese style house to be exact.

Accessories for budget décor

This option usually comes up for two reasons. First you are living in a rented flat, and it doesn’t fancy you to make over the house just for some period of time. Secondly, because you are on a tight budget and decorating, even though still a priority but spending too much bucks on the decoration will be wasting money. So what is the win – win solution for this condition? This small ensuite bathroom design ideas would give you the simple inspiration on decorating your bathroom without spreading too many accessories around and wasting too much time. For example, you can clean up the entire surface from the sticker, or dirt. Make the bathroom surface into one color based. Normally when you rent a house, bathroom comes as a basic all white bathrooms, without too much décor. Now you need to pick one style you want to pull for the decoration and then you can start shopping the amenities box, or liquid soap pumping bottle and the mirror which are supporting the vibe and style you want to make.

Apart from the decoration and accessories that you can put in the room, you also have option to build from sketch the small bedroom that you want. Having a house of your own ease you to play with the design and ideas. The modern and urban style bathrooms are very much appreciated these days as more and more people choose to use these styles in their bathroom.

For example, to maximize the non rectangular shape in your house, the bathroom can take a place and it doesn’t even need to be square! The walk in rain shower bathroom is a perfect option. Have the polygon shaped area as the rain shower area, separated by glad door. The tiles for the dry and the wet area are better to be uniformed in one color and shape to widen the view. Using the mounted cabinetry under the sink, and the floating shelf to put your clean and sharp shape accessories and amenities will also be good for the overall minimalist and clean design. Using the mounted and floating shelf, rack, and cabinet cost you nothing but in other hand benefits you the ease when you do cleaning. Clean floor view from any heavyweight looks furniture also make the room more spacious and clean.

Having small ensuite bathroom in your house can cost you a lot of budget to design, build, decorate, and maintain it. That’s true. But in other hand, it gives you space to relax, have your own spa style bathroom, walk in rain shower bathroom, or even the classic style bathroom as you prefer without worried about sharing it with anyone in the house or the guests. A perfect design at home that you can pull if you are a people – person who likes to invite extended family and friends is that you should have a powder room not so far from the main area like living room, dining room, or the backyard. This will ease your guests without invading your personal small ensuite bathroom design ideas.

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