Small Room Décor Ideas And Small Living Room Decoration Ideas

Moving out to your news apartment that apparently not having so much space compare to your parents house, seem like you would need to dig a bit of small room décor ideas to beautify your room and make it comfortable, welcoming and stylist.

room décor ideas
Small Room Décor Ideas

Having a new space to live in introduces you to brand new challenges which you would deal yourself especially about decorating, picking up furniture, deciding the space allocation and etc. We would share three tricks of decorating your small room and make sure it will not look stuffy and old.

Bye to Sofa, Hello to Couch for Room Décor Ideas

room décor ideas

We understand that sofa tends to look rather boxy and full from backrest to the leg chair which gives the view of space blocking in the room. You do not want this type of seating arrangement in your small living room. We can suggest that you pick a couch or loveseat.

room décor ideas

Both have enough space for 2 or more people to sit, not too informal to put in living room and welcome your guests, yes at the same time makes your room lighter and more airy, thanks to structure of couch and loveseat where it has thin leg chair that gives you wide view of the floor and more contour shape. Small cheap couches for small spaces are not too hard to find, if you are in a limited budget. The combination for loveseat or couch in this room décor ideas are modern furniture. You can set a wall hanging shelves for your books and some little trinkets from holiday and open shelves with little baskets as the replacement of cabinetry.

Statement Rug and Color Shades for Room Décor Ideas

room décor ideas

Still in the field of furniture and decoration for the small area in your new living space, we will talk about rug now. Indeed that some people prefer to have the floor all clean, but rug in actually have a fairly significant role to beautify your room and makes it playful while at the same time, airy. Let’s say in the kitchen. Regardless that you have a tiny kitchen, you still can set a rug there. Look at the kitchen combination and the positioning of the cabinetry and floating cabinets, location of the window and also space you have enough on the floor. Choose the less pattern rug will help with the calming down kitchen vibe. Simple pattern and calming color shades helps, like navy blue or dusty pink rug.

room décor ideas

Now about the color schemes, different from the color schemes that we pick for the rug, this color if one we apply on the wall of the room décor ideas. You decide how the room feels like by the color of it. We suggest you pick the light or pastel color and leave the undertone of blue in the well lit room to make it looks bigger and more spacious. You can play with vivid color in the furniture or the rug you would place in the living room.

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