Swimming Pool or Red Neck Pool?

Not many people understand the term of red neck pool, but surely all of you know about the hay bales. Of course, who doesn’t? Especially growing up in a farmhouse, hay is like something you see almost all the time. But have you ever imagine how a hay bales could make you a swimming pool? You are not wondering about this alone, and this is not a dream, summer is coming up in couple months, so you have enough time to practice and after that build your own hay bales swimming pool by summer. Invite friends and have a blast!

The Red Neck Pool Material

The picture Red Neck Pool Material

It is clear that to build a red neck pool or hay bales pool, you need a lot of hay. If you do not live in a farm area, you can buy hay from nearby farm house. You should think about getting literally big amount of hay you will be using for this swimming pool project. Less than fair amount of hay can cause some problem such as swimming pool appears to be too shallow, or the hay don’t stick well and move a lot causing water to spilling out, or even the very basic, not big enough swimming pool.

We assume that you already get a ton of hay and now you are working on your backyard, to build a swimming pool made of hay, you should choose a good spot that is flat. It can be your backyard, or other open air side of your house. Clean the spot and avoid a sharp edge stone or gravel that could cause hole in your plastic cover.

Steps on Building Red Neck Pool

The next step will be to set the hay on the designed height and width where you can form a proper short time summer party swimming pool. Spread the hay evenly and make sure that you are not running out of hay. This is the reason why we will need a lot of hay, more hay means stronger structure of the red neck pool. After that before you lay on your blue thick plastic, you got to make sure that there is no hole or possible leaking part of the plastic. Also clean the surface before you pour in some water into it. Then you shall continue by fitting the plastic to the hay inside and outside, and also try to tie them up by a rope, this will assure that the hays don’t move too much. Try also not to lean on the hay especially on the corner parts. Another reason why firmer hay is better.

Pour in some water into the hay pool into the level you choose and check again if your hay bales structure is holding it together with the amount of water. Check the possible water leaking too especially on the base of the swimming pool. Gravel could cause a little hole on your plastic layer. Well, that’s it, your great summer time hay bales swimming pool is ready to serve. Invite some friends to hang out and have a BBQ party

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