Tips to Decorate Beautiful Cool Log Home

Call it log house while other is calling it lake house, cabin, wooden cabin, and many more, we would still talking about the exact same building in which made by wooden and normally meant to keep the warmth inside and the cold outside. The usage of wood as the main material benefits you more than just one beautiful cool log home looks, but more into the ability of wood to keep the warmth inside and wood is also one of very naturally durable material, given the example of cedar wood that has its own oil which avoids it from rotten. That’s why cedar is also a good combination to cinder brick when you come to the building of smokehouse. Anyway, we will be talking about how we can decorate a log house to be a warm place to hang out with family and friends while you can stare on the snow falling and listen to Christmas songs.

What beautiful cool log home has to offer

First before we jump into the detail we have some tips that you need to know about decorating the log house. Knowing that the log house is not your actual day to day residency, it gives you pleasure to decorate it as you really want it. Per se, you have a traditional style or Ancient America, or maybe French cottage style or you are a fan of everything in coordinate color and pattern, saying it all, you can design your log house is that style. When you come back to the busy house where you live everyday you cannot really bring the vibe you love the most like hanging the fake tiger head above the fireplace, or set the entire couch with throw fur. So unleash that idea into your beautiful cool log home décor.

  1. Furniture and coloring of bedroom

The bedroom in log house is normally not where everyone is hanging around in the evening after the night fall, but doesn’t mean that this room should be less decorated than the other. Bedroom is meant to be comfortable, inviting, and warm. You can reach this image of bedroom by using the metal bedstead, and cover it all up with the bedcover and blanket. A rocking chair is a perfect addition to the room. Given the color we get from the wooden materials are brownie and dark chocolate, avoid using the light curtain or bedcover. Light green or sea blue and yellow are not your best friend now. Stay on the warm color like maroon, milky chocolate, dark blue (normally main bedroom), or maybe dusty pink for the girls room. The furniture addition is thick rug to isolate the cold from the floor and a sofa.

To make a beautiful cool log home don’t be afraid to play with spacious area left in the room. You can dedicate those areas to put the luggage or set a jacket hanger or simply put a shelf and place some memories picture in the frame. Everyone loves a nostalgia moment around fireplace, but no one can say no to personal nostalgic in their room.

  1. Lighting and lamp handle material

beautiful cool log home

Another great adjust you can do to the rooms in the log home is the lighting. Indeed the natural light plays a big role in the daylight and this is very suggestive to allow more natural lights coming, but in the evening after the sun sets, the artificial lights from lamps are your only options. Set a fireplace on, and turn on the lamp or table lamps.

For making big room to be part of beautiful cool log home it is suggestive to use wall mounted candle light lamps and the table lamps. This is chosen because when you are in the family room or the living room, the main source of light is the fireplace, while others are used to evenly light up the room enough to accentuate the vibe in the room itself.

Different from the lighting we use in the kitchen. Kitchen normally has the hanging semi modern lamps which handles made from rustic metal or other metal materials. But for the dining room, if it is separated from the kitchen, the lighting can be different. Some houses prefer to use chandelier because it adds a little glam to the dining room while others still choose the candle light lamps mounted on the wall plus few table lamps. This decoration will be perfect for your Christmas dinner as you can add more real candles on the table to light up and strengthen the “Christmas” energy.

  1. Fireplace area

As we already mentioned before that the fireplace holds rather important area in the log house. Set some couches and sofas with many rugs and couch cushions plus add some throw or light blanket on the sofa to ease everyone when they feel a little chill. You can also make a DIY throw ladder you can lean on the wall nearby the sofa and couch area. This blanket or throw ladder is to tidy up the throw and blanket so the room stays tidy when not in use.

beautiful cool log home

Fireplace is important area you can set it as the main attraction in the room. Just above the fireplace you can put a lot if things: your favorite books, family pictures from annual holiday, souvenirs of your favorite vacations, or even the drawing of art to hang just above the fireplace. If you are the Early American style lover, or typical hunter family some fake animal head will be a good accentuation. Make sure they are imitation because in some area real animal head hanging on the wall is not a very good sign, especially if you are log certified hunter.

Those are some ideas we can give to you about steps in decorating your log house into beautiful cool log home. The other main idea is to take a good look at the whole room and let you evaluate the section of the room. Having the room already divided in smaller space will be a little more work unless you choose to apply same decoration; big rooms are perfect for the family room and dining room. Make sure there is no area which seem “unoccupied” unless you really do not use this room. Unoccupied an undecorated room will give a cold feeling to your beautiful cool log home.