Trick and Tips to Build Your Own Cabin Cheap Plans

As the summer is waving by and we are now entering the cold season in many parts of the Northern world, all the beach house and summer camp idea are left behind. Instead many outdoor activity lovers are imagining about building their own warm isolated cabin in the woods far from the noise to enjoy their holiday. If you are part of people who loves the scene in the movie where everyone are snuggling into the warm blanket, sitting on the comfortable couch by the fireplace inside the warm wooden cottage cabin, having the big cup of hot cocoa, maybe you are the perfect person to learn how to build your own cabin cheap plans.

build your own cabin

Building a cabin can possibly take a lot of effort, time, energy, money, and a little of luck, but also it can be fun and simple to do. How it can be both? When you have your cabin built by a construction company in a specific place and by the specific style that you wish. It surely safe you time and effort, thanks to the construction company and your advisor. But if you decide to go all the way DIY, preparation should be made in advance to avoid the possibility of messing up. You’ll need to make time, prepare money, and maybe get a help from friends to stand the wall and raise the roof. That’s the downside of build your own cabin cheap plans, but it can be fun and full of surprises too, especially when it comes to the decoration and designing the interior of the cabin.

Find Location

build your own cabin

First when you are about to build your own cabin cheap plans, considering the location that you choose. If the connectivity to civilization is the main concern, you will need to contact some of the offered area around the suburban area so you would still have access to main places like hospital, supermarket, and etc. Yet, if your concern is the solace and budget, you can think about places off the grid which will save you a lot of money but you need to give up the access and maybe also electricity wiring and water supply. You need to figure it out yourself. When you chose the cheaper option, build your own cabin cheap plans is indeed cheap and electricity plus water become problem. Thanks to revolutionary construction that propose the use of solar panel to light up the cabin and make sure you are not freezing inside for the heater is working. The only problem is water. If the location is close to river or lake, you can use it for the source and install the water purifier for drinking water. But if not, you should learn how to make composed toilet or consult to the local architects to solve this problem.

Other most important is the access to reach the location, with the number of material you need to purchase and then build, especially when you are installing the water purifier and solar panel, it won’t be too handy to carry the material by boat crossing the river, will it?

Choose the Design

build your own cabin

build your own cabin

Choosing the design of your cabin is a little tricky. First you need to see how many people will be in the cabin. Normally cabin is small and focuses on the comfy and warm side. Second, your budget allowance and third, purpose of the cabin.

To build your own cabin cheap plans, design is the big part of building the cabin. Stay with the simple design is what is proposed by many architects. If you do it yourself, it will ease you to build it up, but if you ask other people to do the job, it will surely save you a lot of time if the design is simple. You can get the plans and kit for everything from 100 square foot to huge cabin. But remind in control and start with the simple one.

Material for Cabin

build your own cabin

When you are building a cabin in a remote area, choosing the good and durable material is a fixed price. You cannot argue with this unless you want to spend more time, money, and effort to fix the rustic material or endure the cold weather because your material is not insulated enough. That will be double work, surely. Some of the architect will suggest the highly durable structural insulated panels (SIPs) for cabin, especially the ones in the remote location. This material undeniably costs you a little more, but proves you that it is good quality one. It has thermal performance, dry rot resistance, fire proofing and suitable for cabin in snowy and mountain area. One other main point is not to use the metal lintel for the window for it will lose a lot of heat compare to using the wooden palette. More insulated wooden material is the best companion of your step to build your own cabin cheap plans.

Make a Good Detail Planning

build your own cabin

As you are going to build your own cabin cheap plans, planning is a big part of your success. Without detail planning, your possibility of screwing up the plan is bigger. You might missed the fact that accessing the location is a bit complicated by car in rainy days, means you should go further to rent other vehicle. In some other chance you might forget the little fact that your cabin doesn’t have access to clean water and you didn’t think about the water purifier. See? Poor planning means poor cabin result in the end.

Another part of the smart planning is to listen to the expert about what you need to do and what you need to avoid when building your cabin. Even though you want to DIY your cabin, it is still very important to listen to advice from those who experts on this fields. Put also some extra money just in case you need to add something based on the location and condition in the area. Tight budget is okay but strict one is harder to manage with.

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