Type Hot And Cold Smokehouse Plans

If you are a fan of BBQ and the entire smoky meat product, you will surely educate yourself enough on how you can make your own flavored meat that can be the topic of everyone within your blocks. Time on throwing the BBQ party cannot be better than the summer days. When the summer is coming it is the time to send invitation to your loved ones and showcase your real skill with meat. But wait, did we talk about how to make a great flavored meat with smoky taste and top tenderness? Well, we missed that point! So now first we will learn about the smoking, difference of hot and cold smoking and the hot and cold smokehouse plan.

Cold Smokehouse Plan : What Are Important Things ?

cold smokehouse plans

First, we will talk about the difference between hot and cold smoking. Hot smoking is basically the technique of smoking in which you are cooking and smoking the meat at the same time. Some of the cooking book writer believes that this means the open fire is places in the same room as the meat, while the cold smoking refers to the flavoring the meat or other product only without cooking it. Some sources claimed that cold smoking works for the product that doesn’t need to be cooked like butter and cheese.

cold smokehouse plans

Just to add the natural smoky flavor to be used later on. But the main idea that most of the cooking expertise agree is that hot smoking is used to cook and flavor the meat while the cold smoking is used to raise the flavor, add the smoky taste and also to preserve the meat and avoid the bacteria. Following information about the range of cold smoking and hot smoking is vary depends on the sources and the location, we assume.

Before moving to the hot and cold smokehouse plan we talk a little about the range of temperature perfect for the smoking. Hot smoking has some options, some said it shall be above 165 degree Fahrenheit while others refer way higher around 280 – 300 degree Fahrenheit to reach the perfect tenderness where the fat melts down and leave just the meat, all tender, moist, and tastes perfect. Comparing to hot smoking range of “cooking” temperature, the cold smoking ranges quite closely. One source said that it can start around 86 degree Fahrenheit to 120 Fahrenheit, while other source that it can be anywhere warm enough but not more than 140 degree. Some suggested also taking the middle range which is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Guess you can bargain a little considering the range we have here.

cold smokehouse plans

Now talking about the hot and cold smokehouse plan which we will surely be excited to be able to make it in our yard soon and be operated in upcoming summer. First of all, remember what we said about the difference of cold smoking and hot smoking? Hot smoking is known to have the fire in the same room or chamber as the meat, so you can have a little doom in the room for the firing while the rest of the room will be all meat hanging. So, given that statement we can assume that cold smoking should have the fire places outside of the chamber while the smoke is directed to the meat chamber. So let’s set it up!

cold smokehouse plans

Learning from some tutorial and member’s sharing about the best design in making simple and durable cold smokehouse plan is by using two main chambers. First chamber will be the smokehouse where you hang the meat and sausage and all dairy products while the second chamber will be the fire chamber. This chamber it located closely to the smokehouse, maybe one meter or one and a half meter from main chamber. This small second chamber has removable door for you to add more wood. All made by the brick and the door should have isolated handle. Now moving to the main chamber for meat, you can build it by using cinder blocks up to the ceiling or combine it with the cedar wood. Using the cinder blocks is perfect to build a strong basis and anti corrosive from the rain and humid soil. Cedar wood is chosen because it produces its own natural oil that preserves itself from rotten.

When you build the body and the roof by using the cedar wood, you should consider making the chimney on the top of the roof to allow the smoke out. Set some hangers and shelves to put the products and basically the main chamber is ready. But you shouldn’t miss to connect the fire chamber and the meat chamber by the smoke pipe. This pipe will deliver the smoke from firing to the meat chamber and smoke it. By the side of this cold smokehouse plan, you can extend the roof and make a space to stock some woods.

Building a cold smokehouse plan needs a good preparation otherwise it can be just a mess if you cannot finish the process. Some of the tip you can take as you build your own smokehouse are as follow:

  • Build a fire pit around three meters away from the smoke house fire pits shall be one meter deep and 0.75 meter wide. You should also build a fire brick. Safety reason if things gone wrong and the smokehouse got burnt.
  • Set a thermometer outside of the smokehouse so you know the temperature inside of the smokehouse and it will be easier to control the firing department.
  • Put a filter on the top of the pipe end that is inside the smoke house. to avoid the meat is falling down and stuck in the smoke pipe or just to avoid dirt out of it, put a mosquito filter on it. This goes the same way for the chimney to avoid fly and insects to come inside.

There are some tips on making your cold smokehouse plan to be real. By having a smokehouse you are not only preserving meat for you and your family but this also add aesthetic and functional side of your home compound. For more interesting cold smokehouse plan you can browse for more.

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