What Should Be Done When Hot Water Tank Leaking

As hot water has been a very well-integrated part to your life, hot water tank leaking is an issue that will only provide you with nuisances and irritable moods. What’s worse, water tank leaking is something you cannot take ever so lightly that you practically just wish it away. No, failure in tending to water leakage proves fatal as the leak may get larger by time. Pressure and temperature may aggravate the minute crack on that pipe and next thing you know is your house flooded by water, leading to further loss. So what to do when you are presented with this trouble?

Make sure that your water heater is the culprit. Be aware that just because a small puddle of water occupies a space below the heater, it doesn’t mean it leaks. Condensation may occur that results in water drops accumulating. This is almost always the case especially in damp weather or if the heater is in a basement. Try to wipe the water off the surface and see if new accumulation forms in a matter of hours. Look for obvious dripping. If any, then you need to move on with proper handling.

Steps to Anticipate Hot Water Tank Leaking

hot water tank leaking

  1. Cut your water heater’s power, be it electricity or gas.
  2. Cut water supply. Unless you haven’t been able to identify the leak source, in which case water supply may be left open to help see where the leak is.
  3. Pinpoint leak’s location.
  4. Commence repair or replacement procedure. Whether you should repair the leakage or replace a component altogether is fully determined by the degree of damage there is. When you find your hot water tank leaking, see if it’s just a minor occurrence that can be done away with simple on the pipes. If larger case is what you have, then you might want to consider contacting your plumbing service.

In Case of Hot Water Tank Leaking From the Bottom Part

What if your hot water tank leaking from bottom? Is there any tweak for this? A leak at the bottom of your hot water tank is a sign of something serious going on internally. The complicated structure of a water tank makes a problem happening in this area an impossible thing to overcome. As a result, replacing the heater altogether likely is the only possible solution to this kind of issue. One thing for sure about this is to never attempt to repair it on your own. Not only is this a fruitless effort, but you might risk causing further damage to other parts.

And what is to be made of hot water tank leaking still even after a repair? Well, the same rule still applies here: do not do anything more than just simple observation. Find out the symptoms, locate sources if any, and contact your plumber. Even if the leak is minor, you must not repair it yourself as this may be proven a costly action that may only add more risks to anticipate than what you’ve already faced at the moment. Just turn off the supply of water to your heater and give your plumber a call.